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Peachy❤️‍🔥🍑 #bigbooty

2022.01.24 00:57 Onehopefulgirl Peachy❤️‍🔥🍑 #bigbooty

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2022.01.24 00:57 R3coil_Inigo Are there any competitive tournament races in fh5? Any comp like by forza or by anyone

I wanna be competitive in forza horizon 5 like other games but is there any competitive in it to get irl prizes or anything
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2022.01.24 00:57 greypic BYU says it's exempt from Title IX rules

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2022.01.24 00:57 fries_supreme2 Save states and Gameboy cartridge batteries

I've heard that the analogue pocket can support a save to the system, does that mean I wouldn't need to worry about Gameboy cart batteries dieing on me, since it all just can save to the analogue?
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2022.01.24 00:57 stingray50 I (21 Male) Am 15 Months Into Accutane, Already Hit My Minimum Cumulative Dosage Months Ago, And I’m Still Breaking Out… But The Weird Thing Is The Majority Of The Time I Break Out On My Left Lower Cheek/Jawline. Hardly Ever On My Right Cheek

I’m gonna see a new dermatologist this week but in the meantime, I would like to have a general idea as to what is causing this. I’m 15 months into Accutane, hit my minimum cumulative dosage months ago, and I’m still breaking out. The only place I breakout badly is my left lower cheek/jawline. Every other breakout in the other parts of my face are random and very little amounts. No matter what products I use, and trust me when I say I’ve used multiple products made for “acne prone skin”, it’s the same outcome.
I have no idea what’s causing it.
I sleep on my back at night and my face never touches any pillows, I never touch my face ever unless I’m cleansing/moisturizing, and whenever I talk on the phone I have it on speaker I don’t put it up to my face. I’m so confused as to why this keeps happening because I’m so close to becoming fully clear but every time I get close I have a bad breakout of a few small inflamed pimples in that one spot.
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2022.01.24 00:57 DandyShandy1975 Watch 👍 Subscribe Enjoy The Law And The Promise Thanks Appreciated

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2022.01.24 00:57 dm221 Hey y’all- sellers offering 130 and free shipping for these used cartels circa 16’.. deal or no deal?

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2022.01.24 00:57 MranonymousSir 21 M, Seeking Answers Regarding Planets that are Causing Me Never-ending Health troubles, What Remedies I can follow?

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2022.01.24 00:57 D00MGUY_G0KU studio ghibli Ghostface 🤔🤔?

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2022.01.24 00:57 bongdaso247 Dự đoán thể thao Coventry vs Stoke, 2h45 ngày 26/1

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2022.01.24 00:57 littlemisssunshine5 Does everyone hate Los?

Hi, been subbed for about 3ish months. I was just wondering, is the chat trolling a bit? Bc idk it seems like Los had a bunch of Subs being rude and hurtful but like why? I don’t get it. It’s very unique. I don’t see it in any other community I’m a part of… like the trolling is all the time and it stalls the stream? Like when he gets upset it causes a 10 minute delay and it doesn’t stop.
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2022.01.24 00:57 RussianSpytato ah what a fine race they were the romans

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2022.01.24 00:57 cynefrith3425 Project Vanguard on Twitter

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2022.01.24 00:57 eva_movera Breaking up when we still love each other: How do I increase the chances of us getting back together?

Me (20F) and my ex bf (22M) broke up recently. We are still so in love with each other.
We had to make the decision because he struggles with anxiety, depression, and addiction, self image, and probably many more things he hasn’t told me about. It got to a point where he realized needed to prioritize getting better, going to therapy multiple times a week, catching up on (a lot of) school, and working through his own traumas.
I offered that I can still be there and support him but see him less, but he said as much as he loves me, he doesn’t/can’t want a relationship rn. He feels it’ll hinder his recovery process if he has someone to distract him and someone he wants/needs to take care of (i.e. me). Relationships are draining and I get that. He knows it’s selfish and i can tell he’s really sorry. I eventually realized given everything he rly doesn’t have time for a relationship and that this is the best decision for him now.
We both cried a lot for multiple days when we made the decision. We really love each other a lot and there’s no doubt in my mind about that. I still have his gifts, hoodies, photos around my room, and memories in my camera roll.
We live in the same city and will likely be living in the same city for the next few years. I want to get back together with him when he’s ready. 100%. I don’t see myself getting with anyone else in the near future as I’m still in love with him. It’ll probably take me or him moving to be the only factor that might separate us.
I have a bunch of questions cuz I’ve never been in this situation. I’ve also seen many couples grow resentment towards each other bc of the pain while broken up but he still wants to be friends.
How do I make sure I act in the right way to increase the chances of us getting back together?
He says he wants to still see me but is that healthy? How often should I see him if I do? Should we go no contact and if so how long?
Is it healthy for me to keep all his gifts and things?
How do I support him without causing pain for us? Should I even?
Thanks all in advance <3
TLDR; Had to break up w my bf bc of his mental health. I want to get back together eventually. Advice?
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2022.01.24 00:57 ExodusBluu I can't be the only here who thought the same thing, right?

I can't be the only here who thought the same thing, right? Every time I watch it I can't un-see it
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2022.01.24 00:57 April1414 🔥Want fixed 100% defi income? Output per sec!🔥The most flexible DeFi ever. T-defi: 40%TMT+60%TAC-----get TMT100%/year 👉NO Entry/ Withdraw Fee 👉No Time Limit 👉Output Per Sec 🪙Token Symbol: $TMT 🔗Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) 💰Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 💰Whitelist Pre-sale: 15% 💰Liquidity Po

🔥Want fixed 100% defi income? Output per sec!🔥The most flexible DeFi ever. T-defi: 40%TMT+60%TAC-----get TMT100%/year 👉NO Entry/ Withdraw Fee 👉No Time Limit 👉Output Per Sec 🪙Token Symbol: $TMT 🔗Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) 💰Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 💰Whitelist Pre-sale: 15% 💰Liquidity Po submitted by April1414 to CryptoMoonCoins [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 00:57 iCeleste Abnormal period caused by stress, or something else?

Hi there! I guess I'll say trigger warning for mention of blood, haha.

So, I'll preface this by saying that I am an overweight woman. However, my periods have always been very regular. Of course some were heavier than others, sometimes the cramps were bad, but that happened back when I was thin and in shape, too. As did the slight time changes- sometimes it would move forward or back a couple days.
This month I was expecting it to start around the middle of January, somewhere around the 8th-10th. But on the 10th I was involved in a car accident and became very stressed about the whole thing. The next day I began getting some light spotting, so I would put a panty liner on, but then it would stop for a day. The day after that the spotting would start again, and that repeated for about a week.
Well, last Monday it finally started, and for the first 3 or 4 days it was normal. But then I started getting REALLY heavy clotting, to the point where I was getting light headed and woozy from it (I don't know if that was just an averse reaction to passing the clots, which I hate the feeling of, or if it was from actual blood loss). Generally my heaviest days are the first 2 or 3 days, so this was surprising. But I thought it would start to trickle off after that.
Nope. Earlier this evening it started up again and while I don't feel super dizzy this time, it is still quite uncomfortable, and I'm starting to worry at this point. Any insight at all would be very much appreciated!
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2022.01.24 00:57 HappyKitten5695 bad_bank_no_loanut "Christopher Leonard: How the Federal Reserve Broke the American Economy"

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2022.01.24 00:57 Grootdrew Hey! My band needs a guitarist. Located in L.A., punk adjacent with post-punk influences. Check us out in comments and hit us up if interested!

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2022.01.24 00:57 gavin_unwiseman just tackled my first headgasket job by myself, and came out on top. just got it running again today. i have been car-less for a month now, and im exited to drive again.

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2022.01.24 00:57 killerbear2099 Parents Financial Negligence

I have been overtly resentful and cold to my mom and dad for many years now. I pretty much ignore my dad as well, except for maybe a meme exchanged once a week or so, just to keep the waters calm.
When I went away to college back in 2003, I descended into the darkest period of my life, mostly due to crippling debt and paralyzing anxiety, directly from not being able to decide on a career path. I started off as an aviation flight major, but when it didn't work out I didn't have a backup plan or know how to get one. I sank into a very deep, nearly suicidal depression and social anxiety, and was completely isolated from my old friendships, or from making new ones.
My dad being a typical boomer dad, the last thing I wanted to do was to consult him about it, because I knew he would not be able to relate...just rub some dirt on it, right? When I finally got desperate enough to go to him, my prediction was more than confirmed. He didn't get it, and he didn't want to.
Near the end of my rope, I happened across the campus counselors office, and began a very long and slow and painful recovery. At one point I was taking over 9 pills a day to regulate my brain chemistry.
At one point, I was involved in a car accident that landed me in the hospital for a week, and my dad was playing tough negotiator with the insurance agent for the at-fault driver. When things were about to go to court, I took over correspondence and settled for $37,500. My parents asked for half the settlement because my dad had helped with the initial negotiations, and they were in trouble with back taxes. I gave them half, and I felt like a good son. I was 20 years old.
I ended up getting a Liberal Arts degree, a custom-made piece of toilet paper, cobbled together with help from the registrar's office, to the tune of about $120,000 in debt. My mom even encouraged me to apply for more loan than I needed, and then to "go get a refund" from the financial office so I could use it for living expenses.
A total flop, with no real prospects. My monthly payment was about $900 even with income based repayment. I made about $30k in front-line customer service jobs right out of school...I was a valet driver and a bellhop. Then I tried some sound engineering jobs because that's what I was interested in near the end of school...and I actually had a modicum of success, working on a B-rated feature film with a $5mil budget, even though my pay would be only $1,000 for about a month of work, IF they chose to accept it. Eventually, with my repayments bearing down on me, I realized I could not continue. Looking around at the other sound team members, who I went to school with, and realizing the only bills they had were their grocery bills, I knew I couldn't sustain the dream like they could. My overhead was crushing me. And I blamed my parents for it.
I finished the project, changed course and went and took classes in HVAC, which eventually got me a job in an oil refinery...where my dad also worked. I have no doubt that his employment there helped me get a job. Now I make six-figures, although the hours are usually fucking awful and my wife and family hate it, but that's balanced with the fact that we make a good living.
For years after that, I had an obvious chip on my shoulder with my parents. They cosigned me to financial death. The entirety of my twenties were spent obsessing over every dollar to pay down debt, skipping out on trips or never even exploring the possibility of them. I couldn't figure out what was the best course of action when I was in school...eventually when I did find it, I was so overburdened that I couldn't sustain it. I never confronted them for what I considered financial negligence, or even financial abuse, because at the end of the day, I was legally an adult. My signatures were on those promissory notes too. It was my decision to go to college. It was my responsibility to figure out what to do. I totally collapsed under that pressure and my mental state, my personality, my sense of identity was changed forever. And they did nothing when I asked for help, except continue to cosign whatever I needed to keep enrolling at the university.
Even after my dad helped me get the job at the refinery, he did so with stipulations. Since he was a high-ranking union committee member, he demanded that I never take a promotion to a management/supervision position as long as he worked there (there was an ugly labor dispute back in the 1990's that they would never forgive). Eventually, as I grew at the company and opportunities were passing me by, I eventually called him and told him I would not be honoring his demand, and that I had my own wife and children to consider, and that it wasn't his business. He pretended to be shocked and appalled that I would even think that he would force or pressure me into not taking a promotion.
The cherry on top was when there was a heated disagreement between my wife and my sister in law, and they took my sister in laws side, frequently attacking my wife over the matter. It was later proven that my wife was innocent of the accusation. But I never forgave the harsh treatment.
I know this is a winding tale, and I'm starting to ramble on. I'm just at a point now where my resentment towards them has grown like mold over the years. I'm 15 years out of college, most of my loans are paid off. But I never forgot their mistakes or lack of help. And I suspect that I am deflecting blame onto to them so I that I don't feel like such a fuck up.
Maybe its a little bit of both. Maybe I'm somewhat a fuckup, and they were also a financial cancer. All I know is that I sense they are desperate to sustain the relationship, and I have just about zero interest. Have felt that way for years.
I know it's sick and passive aggressive, I just want them to feel abandoned the way that I felt abandoned.
I don't know if I'm looking for advice. Maybe validation of my feelings about it. It's hard to feel confident about it because I know much of my decisions in college were mine, bad advice or not. I'm just not in the mood to forgive them. I've made peace with not really respecting them that much. I feel like an asshole a bit, but I also feel a bit liberated from the manipulation.
I mean who charges their kid $16,000? And then says, "families don't owe each other debts". And who says, "I don't care what you do at some other refinery, but as long as you work here you will not take a promotion to management" because of his position in the Union leadership? I'm a grown ass man, with my own family to think of, not you and your political ambitions.
I'm done with the control. The coercion. The stipulations. The verbal contracts where the implication is that my loyalty is at stake if i don't agree to your terms.
Fuck it, I'm done. We can share a couple jokes a week, and I'll see you at the holidays. Other than that its bare minimum effort from me.
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2022.01.24 00:57 PYTPLUGBRO HUGE PYT CHAT with over 8,000 pics n videos HMU on IG @ xyzcantbme

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2022.01.24 00:57 Rod_Rigov Beat the Najdorf & Taimanov Sicilians by GM Sethuraman

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2022.01.24 00:57 Achaern So tell me how you really feel.

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2022.01.24 00:57 Nass-_- why tho seriously im confused

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