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Should we buy Akeal Hosein? He has been really consistent lately. His econ is mostly under 6 and he can bat quite decently too!
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Are there any good Bluetooth speakers under $200 that have multipoint connection and a built-in microphone? I'm looking for it to use in my PC setup.
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Hi all. Any current students at UTC who have experience taking Anovia Slaughter?
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Money Please

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Madden 22 Regs league, Xbox Next Gen, 28/32 teams looking for active users. Discord Needed. Looking for Players interested in long term. Add Mr VOLO#0837 on discord if interested. Year 1 Week 4
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2022.01.24 00:47 Paigenacage Was my crush mirroring me? If so, what could that mean?

I (29F) ran into him (34M) last night at the grocery store so we decided to walk around & shop together. He had a cart & let me use some space. I just had a few things. I was going for English muffins, blueberries, & breakfast sausage. He was going for water & juice.
We were talking the whole time. I pulled off to get my English muffins he said “oh yeah I need bread” then followed me lol. After he saw me get my muffins he walked over & got some too. He said he hadn’t had them in years but wanted to try & if they weren’t any good he’d blame it on me. Later on when we got to the water I saw some flavored water on sale so I grabbed one. He was half way down the aisle already but came back as soon as he saw me deciding on a flavor & he said he was getting one too lol. He’s never even had them. I suggested other things that were good in the store & he bought those things too. Just because I said they were tasty. Afterwards he walked me to my car & put my things inside. I returned the favor walking with him to his car & handing him his bags.
I’ve loved this guy for forever. He is newly single & I’m not sure how he feels about me so I don’t force things. He knows I have feelings for him & we are intimate with each other from time to time. (Since him being single & before his relationship) It was a rough breakup. Right now I give him space but mainly try to stay a supportive friend. But I’m wondering…is this a form of mirroring? What could it mean? I hate to say I never pay attention to his eye contact or feet pointing. He’s so damn tall & I’m short.
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2022.01.24 00:47 VICXIII I've done and fuck up! Chapter 10

The next chapter will take some time to finish, as I am sick with the flu. Take care, friends, and see you next time.

Screams echoes outside the conference hall, the shrieks of distress attract the stares of all the crewwomen around the conference hall. They see the champion Gab`riel holding a female Chichipi. The small female was clearly under distress while being hugged by the large male, who was now crying into the small female head.
Everything happens in slow motion for acting team leader Yoremedia. While she stood next to Gab`riel, thinking of a way to speak to him, Gab`riel bolted to an approaching female Chichipi. The woman was lifted off her feet. The sudden action made the small woman scream in her species' unique shriek. The scream bounced around, getting the attention of everyone. Crewwomen were now pooling in. Acting team leader Yoremedia decided it was best to break up the commotion.
"Nothing to see here! return to your position!"
Now seeing acting team leader Yoremedia, the crewwomen started to disperse and return to their duties. With the hallway now clear, acting team leader Yoremedia made her way to Gab`riel. Yoremedia saw how Gab`riel had a vise-like grip on the small Chichipi female, and she could her small whimper coming out of Gab`riel. It crushes her heart. She wanted to hug the small male to protect him. Yoremedia placed her paw on Gab`riel's shoulder and said.
"Gab`riel, are you ok? What wrong?
Her voice was soft fill with concern. The action of her speaking and placing her paw on Gab`riel's shoulder got the male to stop crying; Gab`riel spoke.
"I'm fine acting team leader Yoremedia. I'm just happy that after ten years of the (grunt like growls), sorry, I mean that place I was trapped in, I have finally found a human here in the ship! Why didn't anyone tell me?
His question brought pain to Yoremedia's heart. His voice was filled with different emotions and his bioluminescent glow with different colors, but she did not understand his question. How did he confuse a Chichipi with one of his species? They didn't look anything alike. Their bioluminescent patterns were as different as night and day. His were as bright as a star, the beautiful Ketino's branch patterns cross his magnificent body glow divine light. The Chichipi female, in contrast, her patterns were a doll and simple shine to them. Yoremedia remembered what was said about him and his weak state of mind. With a gentle voice, she spoke.
"Gab`riel, please look at me. What you are holding in your arms is not what you think. Breath in and out, relax. Now look down."
Gab`riel took a deep breath and spoke as he was looking down.
"What do you mean it not what I think? She is clearly human, look she has bright red hair, two ears, and three ring tails?
Gab`riel's eyes widened at what he saw. The woman he held was remarkably human, but some traits were different. The first and most prominent were the three ring tails the woman had, the tails look similar to what a ring-tailed lemur's tail would look like, but the three tails match the woman's red hair. Humans could get gene mods for a tail, not three. What's more, humans could never grow hair on their tails. Gab`riel pulls the woman off his chest, color returning to the woman's face, her eyes glassy, her voice full of joy.
"Oh, by the thirteen Goddesses, you can grind flesh on those muscles!"
After pulling the woman off my chest, I noticed the distinct characteristics. She did have human features, but the more I stared at her face, I noticed our species' differences. Our species evolution seems to have agreed, and some source of conversion evolution happens. She and I come from a primate evolutionary tree. Humans evolved to be persistent hunters. Our bodies build for the long haul. Her species was more built to be agile and swift as if her species evolved from some type of lemur. The three ring tails woman's color returned and spoke.
"Oh, by the thirteen Goddesses, you can grind flesh on those muscles!"
I felt terrible. I almost choked her to death. I released the woman and apologized.
"I am sorry, I thought you were Human, my species."
The woman now regained her composure and spoke.
"Oh, you don't have to apologize, big boy, you can be as confused as you can be if it means me getting another face full of muscle! name's Urshatas from the engineering team, here to take you to the engineering room where your transport is located, big boy."
The woman or Urshatas winked at me when she finished speaking. Her mannerisms were very human again. I thought she was some form of a human but removed the thought. She didn't have the tale-tale sign of gene mods. She looks what a typical human would've looked like two thousand years ago, minus the three tails.
Urshatas kept staring at me. Her purple color eyes felt like they were staring into my soul. The staring went on for five minutes. I was about to say something when Yoremedia beat me to it.
"Engineer team Urshatas, I think we wasted enough time as it is, best we move to the engineering room."
Ok, I've been in enough relationships to know when a woman is mad or annoyed. Yoremedia was annoyed. I Better agreed with her.
"I agree with acting team leader Yoremedia. Can you lead us to the engineering room?"
Urshatas smiled and said.
"Anything for you, big boy, now follow me."
Her last words were filled with lust. This ship was indeed full of H-O-R-N-Y Alien Babes. Urshatas took the lead as she walked her back sway side to side, her three tails calling to me. I gulp every woman in the ship us the same uniform style, skin-tight hugging their body to perfection. I took a deep breath to control myself. I need to get laid.
Acting team leader Yoremedia was livid. Since they started making their way to the engineering room, Urshatas had swayed her hips and fanned some of her pheromones with her tails, clearly trying to get Gab`riel attention. It was thanks to the thirteen Goddesses that Gab`riel hadn't responded with his own, or the whole section of the ship they found themself in would've been floated with sex-crazed females. Having had enough, Yoremedia spoke.
"Engineer team Urshatas, if you continue to fan your pheromones to a clearly uninterested male, I will arrest you for sexual harassment. Do I make myself clear?
Yoremedia's words get Urshatas three tails to stand straight up. She turns around, her face showing worry at first only to change to a seductive grin.
"I don't know acting team leader Yoremedia. Have you seen his face? He doesn't look uninterested to me at all. Tell me, big boy did you like the aroma reaching that beautiful nose of yours?"
Gab`riel's only rose an eyebrow, his demeanor never changing.
"If you are referring to your strawberry (grunt like growls), I would say it lovely.
Both women looked at him, puzzled as they could not understand the word he used. Yoremedia asks him what he meant.
"Gab`riel, what was that word you use?"
But before she could acknowledge her mistake, Yoremedia asked her question. She forgot that many in the ship believe that Gab`riel was a champion of the thirteen Goddesses, not an Alien that could learn their Empire's language without the Goddesses' blessing. A mistake she needed to be fixed with supreme commander Yesleta's help. They need to explain to Gab`riel what it meant when he learned the Empire's language.
"I apologize. That is a word my people use when referring to pheromones. Again sorry for the misunderstanding. I am still trying to learn."
Yoremedia waited with held breath. Would Urshatas notice? would she scream it to the whole ship that an Alien could learn the Empire's language. What Urshatas said surprised her.
"So you use your old language when referring to pheromones? Nice. Now talking about your people, can you tell me about them and how you confuse me with your kind champion? No offense. If you are a typical male of your kind, I don't think I stack up to your female."
Yoremedia, thank all the thirteen Goddesses for putting this woman on her path. Not only did she not catch what Gab`riel meant, she even asked him something she was dying to know. Why and how did Gab`riel confuse a Chichipi female with a human? There is no way a human female would look like a Chichipi female, would she?
"I can tell you about my people as we walk to the engineering room. I don't think your engineer team leader would appreciate us taking too long."
Urshatas smiled and made her way next to Gab`riel.
"Well, don't keep me waiting; let's go."
Urshatas said, and the three started moving once again.
It has only been about two minutes since the trio started moving again. Gab`riel started talking about his people.
"Human and your species look very much alike. You engineer team Urshatas are a mirror image of a human female, similar facial structure, same body type minus the three tails, but everything on the outside looks the same two breasts, skin color, and (grunts like growls) sorry I meant fur."
Yoremedia was glad that Urshatas believed Gab`riel used old words from his old language before becoming the thirteen Goddesses champion. She was relieved that it was still a secret for now.
"That nice and all big boy, but you haven't talked about your kind bioluminescent. Don't get me wrong. How could you mistake my bioluminescent with your kind? I am flattered that you confuse my bioluminescent for a female of your kind, though."
Gab`riel gave a confused look.
"What do you mean by bioluminescent?"
Both Yoremedia and Urshatas raise their eyebrows, but Yoremedia thinks, "Gab`riel is an "Alien male." He might not be able to "see" the bioluminescent. It was time for her to speak.
"Gab`riel, what do you see on my arm?"
Yoremedia was pointing at her bioluminescent pattern and the color they were giving off. Gab`riel gave her a confused looked.
"Some scales on your arm, but I take it you are asking about something else?"
Yoremedia was right. He could not see bioluminescent! she quickly pulled her tablet and started typing bioluminescent while doing that. Urshatas spoke in shock.
"your kind can't see bioluminescent! oh, big boy, are you telling me you can't see those exquisite patterns in your skin."
Gab`riel looked even more confused to Yoremedia. It's a good thing she was able to find what she was looking for.
"Gab`riel here, let me show you."
Yoremedia got close to Gab`riel and showed him the file on bioluminescent. It read.
"line of normal cell development in the skin that forms different patterns. These patterns come in two patterns. One, Lines that trace the migration of embryonic cells. Patterns two, stripes that are genetic mosaicism. The process of light production by chemical reaction occurring inside the body."
Gab`riel finished reading. Amazement was evident on his face.
"You guys are talking about the (grunt like growls) and the (grunt like growls). That amazing! wait, those that mean everyone in the ship can see bioluminescent?"
his kit-like surprise brought a smile to both Yoremedia and Urshatas. Yoremedia put her tablet away and said.
"Yes, everyone in the ship can see bioluminescent. It's too bad you can't see your own bioluminescent Gab`riel. The patterns are beautiful."
Gab`riel smiled at the compliment.
Thanks, acting team leader Yoremedia, but I can see bioluminescent. Humans can see a large spectrum of light, thanks to our D...dual set of retina in the back of the eye, thanks to it we can turn it on and off."
It was sudden, but Yoremedia could catch what Gab`riel almost said. Turning to both, Yoremedia spoke.
"I think it best we continue along. I think we made engineer team leader Serifim wait long enough."
The three continue on their way, Gab`riel now showing that he too could see bioluminescent complimenting the two women accompanying him. His words left the two women with flaring colors and their bioluminescent turning red.
They soon arrive at the engineering room where Gab`riel's transport rested. Evident discomfort was visible on his face, and his bioluminescent showed fear colors. He reached for Yoremedia's hand, Yoremedia looked down. She could feel the discomfort in Gab`riel's hand. The male next to her could destroy hordes of Agony Demons and take on an Agony Demon moth alone, but this transport was an enemy he could not fight alone. Speaking softly, she said.
"I will stay next to you always."
Her words brought comfort to Gab`riel, his bioluminescent changing to a brighter color. Urshatas shrugged and spoke.
"I got to go back to work. If you are ever free big boy, you know where to find me."
With a wink, Urshatas turned around and left both Yoremedia and Gab`riel alone. The two stay in silence until Gab`riel breaks it.
"I never ask Urshatas, but why didn't I see her and her kind in the ship before? I was moving around a lot in the ship when the fight happened."
Yoremedia was happy he did not ask that question. That would've shown his lack of knowledge and his true origin.
"Gab`riel, I know that we didn't tell you much of anything about our culture and its true meaning behind what it means for you to have learned our Empire's language, but after we are done here, I promise you we will go to the supreme commander and tell you everything."
Gab`riel looked up at the woman. Her blue color eyes stared back at him. Yoremedia reptilian eyes glitter in the light making his heart skip a beat.
"Your eyes are beautiful."
Gab`riel said. Now moving while holding Yoremedia's hand Gab`riel moved to the place that was once his hell.

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Just curious as to what metrics/range you guys use to value growth stocks in addition to DCF. There was a rule of thumb from Peter Lynch that he assigns a PE equal to the growth rate of a company (assuming it's over 15PE)
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