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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I'll find a new classifieds script that's more secure and we'll move forward. Get Your Federal Firearms License 2006 Deer Hunting Airsoft Guns Full Size MP5 SD3 AirSoft Gun More AirSoft Rifles, Pistols, Sniper & Shotguns, Blow-Backs, and Full Auto Guns Paintball Guns Machetes & Knives America's Army ... &#xE86A We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide. troubleshooting guide. View all Shooting Games or subcategories » Army - Side Scrolling - Sniper - Zombies. The Last Stand 2 The (large) 2nd part of the zombie defence game, shoot the zombies, search for weapons and survivors. Excellent game! ... create a search party that searches for survivors and new weapons while you defend ... 2007-2022 - Rights for all games ... RapidShare.com ... Hello.

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2022.01.23 23:52 No-Drawing8850 Mega Aerodactyl raid!! 4583-5430-1802

Will start in a few minutes!
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2022.01.23 23:52 mlydon11 higher res of my crank and chainring

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2022.01.23 23:52 MightyDinkles My band just released our first album. We're from Sydney. We play Experimental Alternative Rock stuff.

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Comment before PM please
Av3 R3 A-Stock

Asking $420 $399 shipped
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2022.01.23 23:52 HisashiMaeda EdoChara #010 Bookman 😄Discover the cool NFT art!

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2022.01.23 23:52 EliteKnight_47 It do be like that 😔

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2022.01.23 23:52 WhyTheTuck Running around in Vanguard with snipers while talking about being compared to FaZe Jev

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2022.01.23 23:52 GarrettPhD I have to make a change.

I always think things get better, I think it’ll be different, but it never is. Saturday I got drunk all day and night, ended up getting lost in the freezing cold snow, losing my shoes, and somehow waking up in my bed. I am in a relatively new relationship that has been so good for me, and I almost threw it all away because of my alcoholic tendencies. I’m so thankful that she still wants to be with me but this is the final straw, I have to quit. I need to be better.
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2022.01.23 23:52 DeepThought1977 Second death at the 31 minute mark and I managed to freeze him for 4 seconds as well. Easy walk to the 30 minute mark with no damage.

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2022.01.23 23:52 Ogukuo49 Tips for playing the lambs next week.

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2022.01.23 23:52 SnooBunnies8692 Rant about something that happened earlier today

So uhh this happened a few hours before this post, one of my classmates decided to blast 1940 German propaganda music (specifically the song about a flower) at full volume, teachers came in and the entire class got in trouble because he kept quiet and no one decided to snitch on him for doing whatever he did, everyone is angry with him rn, and even after all that has happened, he’s still blasting German music, trying to get attention, if I could punch that person without consequences I definitely would.
(tdlr: classmate decided to get class in trouble by blasting propaganda music from 1940 Germany.)
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2022.01.23 23:52 Spocks-Brain Long Promised Road (Blu-ray) Question

Does anyone know if the physical Blu-ray Disc includes a digital download?
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2022.01.23 23:52 Rueben_Sandwich Private matches

Private matches would’ve kept this game alive 100 times longer. Did dice plan to add private matches? Battlefront 2015 had a simple but great private match system that currently has a very competitive player base. It would’ve been nice to build upon bf2015 and have modifiers like the team battles mode.
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2022.01.23 23:52 Kaptn-killa [XB1] H: AA/AP/Ghost Fixer, B/Ld/1A Tesla, F/E/Fr SA Revolver and Jug/SS/90 War Drum W: caps or .45 offers for each weapon

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2022.01.23 23:52 Sufficient_Comment84 I keep hearing different people tell me different things so I figured I would ask y’all would a 12ftw/24ftL/10fth be enough room for my Nile

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2022.01.23 23:52 Bluesoutherner The clearest images of Jupiter ever taken.

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2022.01.23 23:52 No_Apartment_5312 Harden Stepback 3

Anyone know what's going on? I have seen nothing about the stepback 3 online, but they are being sold on the Adidas Uk website.
Harden Stepback 3
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2022.01.23 23:52 tbad0803 Metal in the kiln?

Has anyone ever tried putting metal on their pottery to see if it would melt in the kiln? I'm thinking about putting some copper wire on some coasters to see if it would melt and look cool but I also don't want to ruin the coasters or the kiln. Has anyone ever tried anything like this?
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2022.01.23 23:52 sorrowz- my love and hate relationship with this shit bro

i love this, everything feels amazing nobody cant change my mind
i hate this, depersonalization and derealization make my intrustive thoughts want to kill myself every fucking day im alive
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2022.01.23 23:52 goody_fyre11 Sly Cooper Iceberg Explained

In this reddit post I revealed the most in-depth Sly Cooper iceberg to date:
This post will try to explain each point as clearly as possible. However, it's too big for a Reddit post, so I'll be putting as much of it into this post as I can, or alternatively you can download the whole thing and read it for yourself:
The Sky
Sly 1/2/3/4: The existing Sly Cooper games.
Cancelled Sly Movie: The shelved Sly Cooper movie that strangely didn't intend on bringing Kevin Miller on as the voice of Sly.
Kevin Miller Active in the Community: He has been! Whether it's livestreaming Sly games or being active on Twitter, it's appreciated!
Sly 4 Not Well-Received: I don't think I need to explain this one.
That One Sly 5 Leak Years Ago: A banner for a fifth game was leaked out onto the internet years ago, the title being Sly 5: Master of Thieves. No one has figured out where it came from or if it was real.
Sly and the Gang Rob KFC: A popular podcast skit involving Kevin Miller, Matt Olsen, and Chris Murphy. Some crude humor was also involved. Someone on YouTube animated it as well.
ThaRixer's Amazing Sly Videos: ThaRixer is a speedrunner but also creates masterful documentary-style videos, usually on very specific topics in one game at a time. He's made a video on World 4 skip when it was discovered and also the history of Sly 2 Episode 1 in speedrunning which are both equally as masterful.
Sly 5 Leak/Rumors: There's been a mess of false and unconfirmed Sly 5 leaks lately from various sources, but no official word yet.
J's Reviews/TGX Game Reviews/The Golden Bolt: Video game review YouTube channels who have all covered Sly games at one point.
Sly TV Show in Limbo: After the movie failed, there was going to be a Sly TV show, but details were vague... then it disappeared, but it was never officially cancelled.
Sly Speedrunning Community: The tight-knit community that work together to make Sly go zoom.
Sly Modding Community: I'm a part of it! We mod and reverse-engineer the Sly games as best as we can, although there's been little to no interest in modding Sly 4.
Sly Used to Promote New Ratchet Game: The newest Ratchet game had an official promotion where Sony-related accounts tweeted out images of various Sony IP characters getting sucked into portals, Sly being one of them, and the Sly 3 version for whatever reason. Ironically, at least in the first day of the promotion, it attracted more Sly fans than Ratchet fans.
Sly at GDQ: Sly 1 has appeared at GDQ a few times over the years, but strangely, GDQ often seems resistant to inclue Sly runs in their lineup.
DSP's "How Not to Play" Videos: The infamous DarkSydePhil played through the Sly Collection and Sly 4 with hilarious (or annoying, depending on who you ask) commentary, mostly because of his dirty humor and him not understanding basic game mechanics. "Come on Bentley, you're not handicapped, you're handi-capable!"
Tip of the Iceberg
Deceit of Thieves is fraudulent and cancelled: It's true, and its "creator" is no better. It was created as a tool to draw in false hype about a story that was actually worse than the one in Thieves in Time despite being advertised as a Thieves in Time replacement. Savo attacked anyone who dared oppose "his story", mistreated the one animator, etc.
3D Glasses: The PS2 release of Sly 3 included 3D glasses to wear for its optional 3D segments:
BASSUB/Cooper Vault: Sly Cooper glitch/news YouTubers.
Cheat Codes in Sly 2 and Sly 3: Cheat codes that everyone knows and some that few people know, like Sly 3's "Go To Episode" codes that aren't on any cheat code website. Technically they're not cheat codes at all, rather developer debug shortcuts that weren't removed.
Rocket and Jojo: The predecessor to Sly Cooper, and almost certainly the inspiration. A Nintendo 64 title developed by Sucker Punch and Ubisoft.
Cole's Amp: An unlockable cane re-skin in Thieves in Time that applies a shock effect to cane swings.
"Hey Genius": In the job "Lighthouse Break-in" in Sly 2 Episode 7, entering the lighthouse as Sly but not opening the door for Bentley and Murray for a while makes Bentley comment on your cluelessness.
#FreeSlyFromEgypt: The hashtag created to get Sony's attention to make another Sly Cooper game.
No Context Sly Cooper: A Twitter account that posts out of context Sly Cooper-related things, including this iceberg. Ran by Cooper who also runs the Modding Discord Server.
Invisible Rope Glitch: After defeating Octavio in Sly 3, a rope leading to the stage will be visually gone but you can still run along it as Sly.
Sly Eaten by Dr. M's Beast: During the last episode of Sly 3, if you die as Carmelita during her face-off with Dr. M's giant beast, you'll get a short but unusually brutal fail cutscene of Sly being eaten by the beast.
Bentley's Last Name: The Japanese manual for Sly 1 claims Bentley's last name is "Wiseturtle".
slygolds: A utility website for the speedrunning community to keep track of best times, please correct me if I'm wrong.
any% w/cheats: A Sly 2 speedrun category which allows cheat codes to be used. The run is very short as you just warp to Episode 8, get Time Rush, collect a treasure, unlock the paraglider, and do normal speedrun strats to beat Episode 8.
The Gnost Experience: A fan edit of funny moments from speedrunner Gnist's many livestreams.
Below the Surface
A Predator Awakes Sacrifices Logic for Plot: Episode 3 of Sly 2 is the one where it's revealed that Neyla betrayed the Cooper Gang in an effort to capture them. However, the missions leading up to that reveal make the Cooper Gang seem really stupid and weak to make it work. For example, Bentley claims during the recon "that's the entrance to this level, only I can't figure out how to get in here from the temple's exterior". The entrance is super obvious when you see it, and Bentley figured out exactly where Sly and Murray were being held in the Contessa's prison without visual proof or computer access, yet suddenly he can't see an obvious door on the side of the temple? Guess who shows them where the entrance is? Neyla. Also, the heist at the end was only possible because the auto-pilot helicopter from "Blow the Dam" accidentally crashed perfectly into the pillar, creating a turret to protect Murray. Things like that.
Old Octavio Design: Octavio's old design presented him as someone who was depressed after rock music took over and was introduced into a mafia-like environment, rather than the "I've always been evil" Octavio we have today. You can see the 2D version of this model in some promotional materials, and Thieves in Time actually used this design in Murray's introduction cutscene, or at least a Sanzaru-ified version of it.
weed: In the early days of the modding community, we weren't as advanced and most of the stuff we found was just by changing random parts of the game's memory with Cheat Engine to see what happens. Gou, one of our long-time modders, was trying to intentionally break the game and ended up distorting Sly's face a lot. He posted a screenshot of it with the caption "Murray, this wasn't weed" and it's become our longest-running joke to date.
Cane: A proof-of-concept level editor that can't actually edit levels, but it can load them and view them.
Shoes!: An old development build of Sly 2 didn't have unique names for whenever you collect a key item in Episode 2 and Episode 3, so it just re-used a very placeholder "Shoes!" screen for when you collect the shoes during Steal a Tuxedo.
All Sly Games Playable on RPCS3: It's true!
Reverse-Engineering Effort: There's a small but dedicated reverse-engineering effort in the modding community, and they've done amazing things.
Bottle Crashing: A glitch that became significantly easier in the Japanese release of Sly 2 and all PS3 versions of it. Paraglider physics changed, resulting in it not immediately shattering when in a tight corner. This can let you overload the game which puts Sly's position at NaN (not a number) which means Sly is everywhere on the map at once. It crashes after a short while but gives you some bottles. Has theoretical (but currently not practical) speedrunning applications. It plagued RPCS3 for a long while, that's the "black screen" glitch you might've seen reported.
All Clue Bottles as Bentley/Murray: With some persistence, it's possible to collect all of Sly 2's clue bottles as both Bentley and Murray without any game modifications. In Murray's case, some glitches will have to be used, but it's possible!
Fish Skip: A speedrunning trick used to skip Piranha Lake, a notoriously difficult Sly 1 level, by simply clipping over a gate.
Cheat Codes in Sly 1: One of the more major things to come out of the modding community is the discovery of cheat codes in Sly 1! They're input differently and exist in the various game demos, which is really nice.
Trick to Beat Racing Minigames Easier: In Sly 1 there's two racing segments which can be really hard for some players, myself included. A trick to beat them easier is to only use Nitro boosts at sharp turns. That may seem unhelpful but I promise it's the difference between failure and getting that last key.
Korean/Japanese Releases: The Sly Cooper games were released in Japan and Korea as well, resulting in nice novelty collector's items for Sly collectors and a unique way to play the games. The Sly Collection was the first time Japan saw Sly 3 as it didn't get a PS2 release. Circle and X are swapped in menus which has led to many a funny moment in the speedrunning community as they speedrun on the Korean PS3 release due to its faster text.
Physical Sly Collection Doesn't Have Overscan: The digital release of the Sly Collection has an option in the pause menu called Overscan which extends the dimensions of the screen to help with larger screens. The digital releases are technically a later patch of the game and physical copies don't have this option.
Freecam Patch: A talented independent game modder made a patch for the European PS2 release of Sly 2 that adds a freecam, mimicking the one found in various development builds of the game.
Local Crime Ring is Actually Just Neyla: A theory that's likely fact about Sly 2 Episode 3 that the "Local Crime Ring" Bentley sets up the ruby trade with is actually just Neyla in disguise. From Neyla having access to mercenary-grade explosives, both members having blue eyes, Interpol agents occasionally having different accents because they're working in different countries (headcanon for why Carmelita has so many VAs), the point I made about Episode 3 earlier, and some other things, the two members of the "Local Crime Ring" are most likely Neyla in disguse.
Plane Ride: The planes flying around during the second set of jobs in Sly 2 Episode 5 can be stood on top of and taken for short rides, but it takes practice.
Dimitri Nightclub Turntable Remix: Breaking the turntable on the stage inside Dimitri's Nightclub will change the level's music to the Greasy Sweet Remix.
Greasy Sweet Remix is Recycled Voice Lines: Every lyric of Dimitri's Greasy Sweet Remix is a voice line he can be heard saying in Sly 2 Episode 1, no exceptions.
Toonami Plane: During Sly 3's biplane sections, there's a cheat code which switches your plane to a Toonami-themed one with a single gun and infinite missiles which don't lock on for some reason.
Deeper Waters
Why You Can Re-Enter the Third Coffee House: A semi-well-known Sly 3 glitch is the one where an interaction icon appears on the Police HQ, and interacting with it will make the camera pan over to the third coffee house and load the interior map for it. It's been described as a glitch since its discovery, but it actually isn't. It's a development leftover. During early development, Sly 3 was going to be a lot more like Sly 2, have a lot more pickpocketing keys, and detailed heists, but that was cut. The original plot of the then-unnamed mission was to rob... something from two apartments and then steal a treasure from the Museum, which would then lead to a two-player story mission, and the whole thing was a side mission. Well, this job eventually turned into what we know today as Guard Duty, with several changes. First, they're coffee houses now. Second, the museum was changed into the Police HQ, and the third coffee house was moved to the building across from the Police HQ. Apparently someone forgot to remove the interaction icon for the then-museum, so interacting with it will send you to the museum, which was replaced by the third coffee house, so it moves the camera over to its entrance and lets you inside.
USB Headset Integration: The PS2 releases of Sly 2 and Sly 3 let you use the official USB headset accessory to "enhance" your experience. Be too loud in real life and guards will hear something and investigate.
Jobless Devmap: A strange glitch in Sly 2 (and Sly 3 but inaccessible without hacks) that makes the game not know what map Sly is in, resulting in it loading assets from every job, but no actual jobs. For example, The Black Chateau's Jobless Devmap deactivates the satellite dishes from Satellite Sabotage, spawns the alarm horns from Silence the Alarms, and activates the Bentley/Murray character swap if you get close to the Peakcock sign. You can't actually complete any jobs though, hence its name.
The Swami: This is what Murray refers to The Shaman (early Guru name) as in an early development build of Sly 3.
Shadow Power in Vault Uses Wrong Icon: After collecting all 30 bottles in Episode 8 and and open the safe to get Shadow Power, the gadget object Sly picks up from the safe uses the wrong icon, the correct one can be seen in the Gadget Grid. This is the only time the icons don't match.
Suck Factor: Did you know that Sly 2 and Sly 3 have adaptive difficulty? Probably not! Internally it's referred to as Suck, 0 being intended difficulty, 1 being easiest, and increasing by 0.1 every time you fail or die.
Jungle Shit: An early dev build of Sly 3 shows placeholder animated cutscenes with notes written on them for the sound team. The one where Murray describes the Guru to the rest of the gang has a slide that says "Degobah Sounds - Jungle Shit" on it because it's the Star Wars reference.
Murray Making Bridges: A cut Rumble Down Under job in which you realize that Murray and Bentley have no way to get to parts of the map because those rock and metal platforms weren't there originally. So, Murray has to pull the metal sheet out of the ground while guards try to stop him, then knock over a large rock to create another platform. In the final release, these platforms are just there with no backstory, just part of the level.
Bomb Baseball: A cut mechanic from two cut Sly 3 jobs, one in Venice and one in Australia in which you can play "Bomb Baseball" with Bentley to do various tasks. In Venice it was used in the cut mission "Destroy the Ferris Wheel" which involved pickpocketing keys to unlock the Ferris Wheel's control panel (ever wonder why Sly can break its lock in retail?) and then destroy it with three bombs. Circle button makes Bentley throw you a bomb, Square button makes Sly swing his cane like a bat. Hit the bomb just at the right time to get each hit on target. In Australia, you instead knock the wall hooks into place, the ones that Bentley says were "used by miners to haul up their drilling rigs". Basically it's literal world-building that got cut.
Sly 3 Charge Spin is a Gadget: In Sly 3 you can purchase gadgets which upgrade your basic charge attack. However, for some reason, the base charge attack is programmed in as a gadget as well, meaning you can remove it with hacks or debugging tools which makes the Triangle button do nothing.
Dimitri's Helicopter: Dimitri had a helicopter in Sly 2 which you can still hear a mention of after Bug Dimitri's Office, it's one of the things he says. However, it was part of a cut job you can briefly see in one of the game's trailers in which you hang from the bottom of it to gain access to the courtyard and the entrance to the nightclub. Originally you could break open the gate and that would be the only way for Bentley to reach that location because his jump wasn't as high, there was no red car there, and the little walkway with the boat didn't exist.
Blue Health Pickups: The Japanese releases of Sly 2 and Sly 3 have blue health pickups instead of red ones due to cultural reasons.
Three-Phase Dimitri Boss Fight: There's lots of evidence in both the final version and development versions of Sly 2 that Dimitri's boss fight was going to resemble Muggshot's boss fight from Sly 1 in which you knock down one-third of his health, then the floor floods and you take the elevators up to the second floor. After reducing his health by another third, the flooded floor would become elecrified and you'd take the second set of elevators to the top floor to finish the fight. Both elevators used to be functional but the bottom one was disabled in the final release. In an old development build of the game, both elevators work, and Dimitri will even follow you up to the second floor. Additionally, in retail copies of the game, the generator disappears after you beat Dimitri. Why would that be.... unless it's a leftover from the electrified floor!
Monkey Paratroopers: The Hunter-Seeker bombs in The Predator Awakens' heist were originally Rajan's monkey guards parachuting down. One of the non-English translations still refers to the bombs as monkeys if you fail the segment.
Mega Jump in Sly 3: After purchasing all gadgets in Sly 3, you'll notice a blank spot in the middle of Sly's Gadget Grid. This actually belongs to Mega Jump which is in the game and has proper programming, and it even uses gadget power which wasn't the case in old dev builds - it was actively being worked on. It has code for being for sale in Venice but that's disabled in retail copies. It's unknown if there's a proper way to unlock it.
Wire Tap and Voice Modulator Being Capitalized is a Development Leftover: In Sly 2 Episode 3, when you collect the Wire Tap and Voice Modulator in the job Stealing Voices, the blue-background popups say "VOICE MODULATOR!" and "WIRE TAP!" instead of "Voice Modulator" and "Wire Tap". This is a development leftover because all key items used to display their names in all caps with an exclamation mark at the end. The screen for colecting a spice plant in Episode 3 doesn't do this but does use an older version of the screen.
Cairo Pig Guards Are Actual Guards: It's true. If you clip into their patrol areas, they'll move around you and if you somehow get Bentley next to them, the Health Extractor gadget will work on them. Murray's Guttoral Roar will target them and Sly's Combat Dodge will use them as the center. They're most likely re-used from the scrapped Monaco level but with their AI removed as it's not needed.
Over 100 Coins: You can hack Sly 1 to give yourself over 100 coins, the game only gives you a charm or an extra life if it reaches exactly 100.
Chetkido: One of the Sly 1 cheat codes discovered earlier turned out to be a conditional test, something that tests things that an only happen under certain conditions. If you enter this code anywhere, it won't work. However, if you're in the right level with no lives, a certain charm level, and with a specific amount of coins, the code will work making the message "The password is: chetkido" appear on-screen. It doesn't mean anything.
GEM!: As explained earlier, key items in Sly 2 used to have their names capitalized with an exclamation mark at the end. "GEM!" was displayed in Elephant Rampage whenever you collected one of the rubies.
Panda King was First Boss: The order of the levels in Sly 1 was originally different, Panda King being first. It's why the bosses' difficulty doesn't go from easiest to hardest, that wasn't properly adjusted after the levels were re-ordered.
Kill Bears as Sly: In Sly 2's Canada levels, you can kill bears by punching them with Murray or bombing them with Bentley, however there's coding in place to prevent Sly from doing any damage to them. However, if you lure bears to the electric fences in Episode 6, you can do damage that way and the bears will eventually die.
Kimiko Trailers: Kimiko was an old game review/preview site which probably doesn't exist anymore. Sly 2 and 3 trailers that used old development builds were shown off there.
Green Episode 5: Sly 2 Episode 5 originally had a green atmosphere instead of a red one. It looks really cool.
Couldn't Collect Health When Full: In Sly 2, you originally couldn't collect health pickups if your health was at maximum. You also couldn't open the Binocucom while your hands were busy, like when climbing poles.
Timer Suspension: A surprisingly easy-to-pull-off glitch in Sly 4 that allows you to do a lot of things, like get out of bounds and freeze treasure timers, however it's a dangerous glitch with the potential to freeze your entire console.
Even Deeper Waters
The Watermelon Frame: If you pay close attention to Rajan during the Episode 2 recon job, you'll see that when he stands still, a watermelon appears at his feet. This is because him eating the watermelons in Episode 3 has the watermelons tied to an animation of his. Speedrunners use this watermelon as a guide, the first frame the watermelon appears is the optimal time to take his picture.
Bad Mofo Collector: In Mojo Trap action, after Bentley sees the Bad Mojo Collector, Murray says "Huh?". If you were paying really close attention, Murray's "Huh?" doesn't have the radio filter over it. This is because it was taken from somewhere else in the game. Why? Because the ESRB might not have liked his original response, which was "What's a bad mofo collector?".
Sly 3: Operation Perpetual Wombat: In the data for every build of every PS2 Sly game, there's region of data that shows the name of the game, when it was built, and some other info. For whatever reason, the E3 demo disc has the game title set as "Sly 3: Operation Perpetual Wombat". It's likely this was an inside joke, what that joke is will probably never be known.
Episode 5 Yodelling: If you turn off music in Sly 2 Episode 5 then head to the highest point possible, you can hear what sounds like yodelling in the distance. I personally can't hear it but others can, so it might be a Yanny/Laurel kind of thing.
Sly 1 E3 Build Debug Symbols: One of the massive Project Deluge build dumps gave us an E3 build of Sly 1 with a debug menu! That's not the best thing though - it contains debug symbols! For the uninitiated, the game's executable for any game (not just PS2 games) has lots of instructions that tell the target platform what to do, the game's code. However, it's the devs' responsibility to strip out the labels showing what each function does before releasing the game. This makes reverse-engineering a lot harder as you're just guessing what everything does. This E3 build has its debug symbols intact, and while they don't line up with retail copies of the game, they're still a HUGE help.
Chase Montoya Fox: Chase was the original concept for Carmelita with - you guessed it - a different voice actress! Her ingame model can be seen in the Sly 1 E3 build mentioned above.
STOP CALLING IT JOBLESS DEVMAP!: I was the first person to fully publicly document the Jobless Devmap glitch, but I got the name from speedrunner Zryu who didn't seem to know much about it but referred to it by that name. In the past year, people have disagreed with that name, wanting to call it "Jobmap" instead. I see where they're coming from but I disagree. Enter the "STOP TALKING ABOUT AMONG US" meme, which took the internet by storm and caused the modding community admin to create a Jobless Devmap version of the copypasta.
Kinap: While playing Bear Cub Kidnapping in Sly 2, pause the game and head to Job Help. It will say "Kinap three bear cubs" instead of "Kidnap three bear cubs".
"Just like we practiced, you nervous?": Some cut extra dialogue between Bentley and Sly during the intro mission of Sly 3. Some of it would be moved to the China heist.
"I may look like Neyla but I'm not": The one thing that the modding community wants most is a pre-E3 prototype of Sly 3. Hidden inside the Sly 3 E3 demo disc is a whole host of unused missions, like Murray Makes Bridges and Bomb Baseball discussed earler, however it's missing a lot of content and locked into demo mode so it's not fully playable. However, what we do know is Sucker Punch used text-to-speech for placeholder dialogue, and they had a bit too much fun with it, as they put jokes in there. One of which was during Run 'n' Bomb where Octavio grabs Bentley. He says something like "I may look like Neyla but I'm not. I'm going to run away and you are going to chase me" as an in-office joke about the Neyla chase sections in Sly 2. They even emit the same yellow particles.
Nate Fox Temporary Sly Voice Actor: There's two development prototypes where characters have temporary voice actors which sound a lot like Nate Fox, including Sly himself.
Boat in Paris: A large boat used to circle the Paris map in Sly 2, its purpose is unknown and it was short-lived as it was removed rather quickly.
Destroy Tanks as Bentley: In Sly 2 Episode 5, Neyla's hired mercenary tanks patrol near the safehouse. During Tank Showdown, you can destroy these quite quickly. The reason for this is that the health of the tanks is significantly reduced to 5 instead of 10000. This also means that any explosive attack, even the tank itself, only does 1 damage. This means that if you really wanted to, you could destroy each tank roaming near the safehouse with 10000 of Bentley's bombs. For EACH tank!
Sly 4: Time Bandits: This was the initial name of Thieves in Time for its pitch presentation, where Sanzaru was presenting the idea to Sony. The presentation revealed lots of things, like it being a Vita game with multiplayer, customizable levels, stealing from other players' hideouts, and even levels that never made it in like one in Transylvania! The art style also looked more like the PS2 versions.
World 3 Skip: This is the Holy Grail of speedrunning skips for Sly 1. In the any% category, all the levels in World 1, World 2, and World 4 can be skipped because the holographic marker to start the boss fight for those episodes is technically there but invisible, so it's a matter of glitching yourself into it. However, World 3 is unique. The boss fight trigger is there but it's programmed to be in an inactive state until Sly collects all seven keys and unlocks the platform. It's stumped theory-crafters and glitch-hunters alike, and is currently considered impossible. But there is a cash prize for whoever can find it and make it save time in an sny% speedrun.
99 Lives, 99 Coins, Gold Lucky Charm: I actually meant to type 255 Lives there. Basically, if you collect 100 coins, you get a silver charm. Another 100 and you get a gold charm. Another 100 and you get an extra life. Well, what happens if you have the max amount of lives (255), a gold charm, and 99 coins then collect one more? Nothing. Nothing happens. No secrets here. Your coin count is reduced to 0 and you get nothing.
Indoor Treasures: While playing Sly 2, you might have noticed branching paths in the indoor areas which just lead to pointless breakable briefcases or require a different character than you're playing as during the job that uses those levels. Well, that's because collectible treasures from the outside used to be on the inside! A few of them existed in each interior level because the gadgets were expensive. Some of these secret areas were cut but most of them were left intact. Any place you see an out-of-place branching path leading to a breakable briefcase, a painting used to be there.
Extra Toughness: This is one of the gadgets cut during development because it was too overpowered, reducing damage to the character it was for, and you could unlock more of them as you progress through the game. There were also Improved Cane, Improved Crossbow, and Improved Gloves gadgets that increased attack power. When fully upgraded, Sly can one-shot rooftop guards, two-shot flashlight guards, and takes over 10 drowning damage to kill him. Murray is practically invincible when fully upgraded and can one-shot any guard. They were cut for obvious reasons.
Possible Third Cut Clock-La Boss Fight Phase: The first phase of the Clock-La boss fight is a turret section, followed by Sly doing the finishing blow after doing some risky parkour across the remnants of the destroyed airship. The ground area is only used by Bentley and Murray, however if you were to hack Sly into the area, you'd find that the environment is strangely interactible. Circle button objects are everywhere, and destructible objects not found anywhere else in the game are here. This is just a theory but there could've been a third boss fight phase resembling the Clockwerk fight in Sly 1, where the lasers are all over the place and you have to navigate the wreckage to get to the Hate Chip. Perhaps Sly 2 was going to be the last game but as soon as they realized they wanted to cripple Bentley for a third game, they added the ending we got? All theory by the way, none of this is confirmed fact.
The Cause of the Purple Ring Glitch: The purple ring glitch is one that has cursed many a speedrun. During the Clockwerk boss fight in Sly 1, he has a second phase where he shoots purple rings that you have to move through. However, these rings will occasionally fly back at you from behind, doing damage. Since there's no checkpoints, dying at this point will bring you back to the beginning of the first phase. No one knew why this happened until a modder made Sly abandon the jetpack during the sequence. Remember the wreckage you have to climb on to reach Clockwerk's head in the third phase? Well that's actually right behind you during the second phase, and the purple rings will bounce off this wreckage at varying speeds and directions. If you're unlucky, it'll bounce right back at Sly at high speeds.
Sly's Right Leg Uses Face Texture: The texture for Sly's right leg uses some of the texture for his face.
Hacking Stages Stored Above Levels: In every episode in Sly 2 and 3 with hacking missions, there's a blank hacking arena stored just outside the skybox. This is why there's no loading times when transitioning to the hacking arenas.
Awning, Not a Fish: In Dimitri's nightclub, there's a certain window near the ground floor that seemingly has a fish outside. However, this isn't actually a fish, it's the awning of a building across the waterway, incorrectly rendered when viewed through the water.
Synced Guard Animations: At least in Sly 3, guards of the same model have their idle animations synced. The easiest way to see this is in Sly 3 - enter an episode with a disguise, get two guards of the same kind near each other, put on the disguise and get detected so both are in view. Their animations will be synced.
Bottom of the Iceberg
Mega Bomb Cheat Code: On GamesRadar is a Sly 2 cheat code called "Mega Bomb for Bently" which is misspelled. While there are other fake codes on GamesRadar, this one is real and makes a "Cheat Code Accepted" sound. However, despite being called Mega Bomb, its effects haven't been found yet. Even a deep dive into the code reveals very little. A full playthrough of the game was done with the cheat code enabled and nothing different happened.
Secret Room's Purpose Unknown: In Sly 2 Episode 1, there's a secret room in the Wine Cellar area with an exit, but the entrance was lazily covered up by wall geometry and a guard was placed in front of it. Across from the guard is a pole with no hitbox. The Wine Cellar area went through several revisions, none of which ever used it. The oldest known development build of Sly 2 has a breakable object there which does make the guard turn around, but it's completely pointless and it was removed slightly later on in development.
One Remaining Easter Egg: A supposed dev on Reddit said that there's one remaining easter egg in the Sly Collection that he's 100% certain has not been found, but didn't give any clues. Either he was lying about being a dev or there's still something waiting to be found.
Sly: Thieves in Time: This isn't the fourth game! Sometime during the 8-year wait for a new game, a group of Sly fans made a fanfiction about Sly and the gang going back in time to save his ancestors. They were just fans and completely unrelated to Sony, Sucker Punch, and Sanzaru. Their story was better than Sanzaru's.
Penelope Playable in Sly 3: Through hacks, you can play as Penelope. Despite only appearing in cutscenes, she has walking and running animations, can ledge grab, and has a unique interaction icon not seen anywhere else in the game. Being detected by a guard puts her in "swordfight mode" used during the LeFwee boss fight but she can't attack. In a development build of Sly 3, she had a placeholder Binocucom and used Murray's interaction icon, meaning there were most likely plans for her to be a playable character at some point. I'd like to imagine that her RC Car and RC Chopper would be deployable as her gadgets and she's be a gadget-only member. Just a guess.
Cancelled Sly PSP Game: There was going to be a Playstation Portable Sly game after Sly 3 with some interesting concept art but it was scrapped pretty quickly.
Crimson Guard: This was the possibly unofficial name of Rajan's lieutenant guards in Sly 2, a cut concept. They were in contact and attacking one would alert every guard or fail the mission. They had special hats so you could tell them apart. In an old dev build, Bentley calls them the "Crimson Guard".
Horseshoe Mode: Revealed in interviews with Sanzaru was the fact that there was going to be a gamemode where the normal health system is dropped and it's switched to Sly 1's health system, but the game was ready to ship at that point and there wasn't enough time to implement it.
Speed Racer Reference: At the end of Sly 3, an animated cutscene plays showing Bentley and Murray's post-game activities. When Murray's racing career is being shown, Murray does a swift motion mimicking the Speed Racer intro.
Thieves in Time was Originally a Sucker Punch Project: It was, but Sanzaru was given the opportunity to prove they could make it instead, and they successfully convinced Sony by making the Sly Collection.
Option to Disable SIXAXIS in Thieves in Time: Thieves in Time has several sections where you need to use a SIXAXIS-enabled controller's motion controls to complete objectives, such as fishing and hacking. If your controller doesn't have SIXAXIS, you're stuck, no way around it. However, a speedrunner vaguely remembers the game asking him if he wanted to switch to a non-SIXAXIS control scheme, but he couldn't figure out how he did it and there's not enough modding interest for anyone to look into it on a code level. No one has been able to recreate it, but it would be incredibly helpful.
Newspaper Man's Identity Unknown: In Sly 2 Episode 1, a man holding a guitar can be seen printed on the newspapers in the dispensers. You can also see a larger version of the image above the stage in Dimitri's nightclub. It's unknown who this person is.
Penelope Possibly Turned Evil Because of Dr. M: This is something that I personally noticed and my argument for why Penelope turning evil DOES make sense. During Sly 3's Cooper Vault job, everyone was in radio contact at all times and could hear everything that was said. Now, Penelope was someone who was manipulative in nature, always willing to do what's most profitable for her, heck she created the Black Baron identity and fooled everyone for years. So this point states that Penelope overheard Dr. M's rambles about the "Equals? Then why is it called the COOPER Gang, you self-centered ego-maniac!" directed at Sly and his conversation with Bentley and decided he was right, so as soon as the job was over, she looked for more profitable possibilities, which came in the form of Le Paradox. Not confirmed but I honestly do think this is what Sanzaru was going for and I bet they're disappointed almost no one caught onto it.
Real Reason Why Jean Bison Makes Dimitri Sounds: After completing the recon job in Episode 6, you can re-enter the first cabin and Jean Bison will be there, letting you fight him. You can't do any damage, however whenever you hit him, he makes Dimitri noises. The reason was elusive for quite some time until one of the Sly 2 development builds came into the modding community's possession, where it was revealed that Dimitri was used as a placeholder for Jean Bison, whose name used to be Jean Cretin. I guess someone forgot to remove ALL traces of the Dimitri placeholder.
Lightning Spin Missing Voice Line: In Sly 2, whenever you get a gadget from a vault, Bentley will say its name. "You got the Knockout Dive move!" "You got the Voltage Attack move!" "You got the Shadow Power move!" However, when you open Episode 7's vault and collect Lightning Spin, Bentley just says "Gadzooks, that's a nice one" and the voice line doesn't have a radio filter on it. The original line is still unheard, if one even existed.
Short-Range Teleport Move: A cut Sly 1 ability that would let you set teleport points and then teleport to them at will. Likely cut due to the map screen letting you teleport around.
Hiding AROUND Barrels: In an old Sly 2 dev build, barrels could be snuck around by holding the circle button near them, Sly would do the same animation as sneaking around those objects next to the Gunboat Graveyard entrance in Sly 1. Bentley and Murray can also do it in this build, Murray looking really stupid as he just slides around on his stomach.
DAG Nodes: DAG Nodes are basically world states stored in your save file. The pillar in Sly 2 Episode 3 becoming a turret after the helicopter crashes into it - that's a DAG Node changing its state. Finish Disco Demolitions and the disco ball disappears? That's a DAG Node. Sly 1 and 4 don't use this system.
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