Women of reddit, how do you cum?

2021.12.04 19:46 OverflowingMilktea Women of reddit, how do you cum?

Whenever I have sex with my bf/masturbate, I orgasm but don’t cum (white cream-ish fluid) but I always squirt (water-like fluid, not pee). I do not know what to do? I can’t force my body.
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2021.12.04 19:46 desexi Mere mohalle ki aunties mein se kisko chodoge? Brutal NL comments likho.

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2021.12.04 19:46 dronko1 Did I made a mistake by quitting?

I'm a software engineer with more than 10 years of professional expierence. In the current company, I spent 5 years on various positions and in various departments. Currently, I'm working as an IC lead. Company culture is really great - nice people, good WLB, frendly environment, hybrid workspace, great equipment, flexibile working hours, company options and so on. The salary could be better, it's not the higest on the market, but I'm not complain because it's compesated with other benefits.
Bad parts are that I get frustrated from time to time because of boring projects, management decisions, workflow procedures, uniformity and so on. Since pandemic started, a lot of seniors and leaders (both c-level and engineering managers) left the company. Also, technology stack is not so great with a lot of legacy. I've tried few times to speak with my manager about technical improvements, and how to make work more interesting, but she told me it's not in her jurisdiction or it's not priority. From my perspective, she is not proactive and she don't want to take more responsabilities. Also, because of great WLB and flexibility, I can say that majority of people working much less than it's expected to.
That influenced me. I notice I'm not progressing anymore and I'm not really happy here. So, I've started to looking for other oportunities with high expectations but got few rejections.
Recently, I've accepted a job offer from the company which is a total opposite of the current. It's a small company with team of 10, with fixed working hours, daily meeting in the early morning, small office located in down town without parking (I was late 15 minutes on interview because of traffic). Their product is built with the tech stack which is known to me, but I'm not so comforable to work with it. There are no managers, qa, support, etc. just owners and engineers. My position is not defined, but my assigement will be to push development forward in both product and engineering scope in order to create a base for future scaling. Also, I will get freedom to improve tech stack, working environment, implement procedures and so on. So I assume they want to advantage my experience and expertise in various segments :) And, salary we agree is ~10% more than my current. I expected more, but I'm not so good in negotation. If you ask, I accepted the offer because of posibilities that could be reached in future even if I noticed few red flags.
So, I quit from my current company and took a month off. And now I'm felling very sad and miss the old company :( I didn's see this before, but I think my reasons for quit are not so strong and maybe there were posibilities and other positions in company where I could be happier and maybe I just missed oportunities for internal change. Also, this job change will drastically affect my daily routine, family organisation, flexibility and wlb that I curently have and that makes me very anxious. I also feel that ~10% of more money is not worth exiting comfort zone, especially because I need to take so much responsability.
Have you been in situation like this? How it was and what was the outcome? Do you have any advice?
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2021.12.04 19:46 chmarus Switch network in MetaMask to any chain 🛠 React.js

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2021.12.04 19:46 Dry-Education-1267 Prozac and binge eating

Has anyone had any luck with taking Prozac and experienced relief with their binge eating disorder? Or maybe been able to experience weight loss on it? I feel hopeless I’ve been trying to lose weight and stop bingeing for two years and every time I try I end up eventually gaining more weight and now I’m bordering on being overweight. I just hope I can hear a success story.
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2021.12.04 19:46 The_Blur_Of_Blue Insane FPS drops in new update PS4

Updated the game on PS4 and now the qualifying screen (when all the eliminated players are pushed and fall) it runs incredibly slowly, like the screen updates once per second and doesn't even get to finish before the next round starts. It was never even slightly laggy before this update, what happened
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2021.12.04 19:46 rpj5751 Night 5 of 7...floppy messy hair. Don't care. Have safe Saturday nights everyone (18+)

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2021.12.04 19:46 violentsock Potential dogs with low prey drive?

Suggestions for breeds that can work anxiety/depression-related tasks but have low prey drive? I'll likely always have pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc - I wonder how feasible it is to have a service dog and such animals in the same household?
It's more likely that I'll end up training a dog (or hiring a trainer to train a dog) that is service dog-like (ie, trained to perform tasks around the house and on walks but not for access to public places or claiming that I have a service dog or anything like that)
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2021.12.04 19:46 GeronRodney Anyone wanna boost this 2xp?

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2021.12.04 19:46 DaOriginalPineapple Ranks

What’s your rocket league rank and sideswipe rank. Curious if higher rocket league players are higher in sideswipe.
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2021.12.04 19:46 Ecstatic_Piglet3308 Candle 🕯 Wall and Circle Floor for Summoning? Trade anyone?! :)

I really want to surprise my friend. Does anyone have this for trade?! I have bells🔔!! Thank you :)
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2021.12.04 19:46 obeyemile MVA Driver Test

Not sure if this post is allowed, but can anyone send a link or explain what is on the current MVA Drivers Test? I heard it changed over COVID but I am not sure if it changed back
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2021.12.04 19:46 Rorochen Bus Fare

Been a while since I've ridden any TTC bus. Can you pay cash or is it strictly presto as of right now?
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2021.12.04 19:46 BboyHeathen This and related questions come up so often on this sub that it's ridiculous

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2021.12.04 19:46 No-Application7900 Kremalı hafif brie peyniri ile tepesinde dilimlenmiş ev yapımı ekşi mayalı ekmek. Fırını 350'ye ısıtın ve 11 saat pişirin. Eğlence.

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2021.12.04 19:46 gorrila_tag_pro I need help lemming please

I went on gorilla tag and it says I have gotten banned for 2 weeks for cheating and I haven't been cheating I haven't glitched out the map haven't been using mods is there a way I can get unbanned
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2021.12.04 19:46 PaitynPie 🔪” Cook with me!

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2021.12.04 19:46 AgentJonesy007 Zekrom raid on me - can add 5

2711 1997 3399
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2021.12.04 19:46 Deeznutzbruhh can anyone feed me rare pics if poki??? NLMTS

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2021.12.04 19:46 Shadowed-Scar Ummm...

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2021.12.04 19:46 gonca_22 Why I left and came back

Warning, this is a long read
So I joined reddit last year a few days after the lockdown. I tried different subreddits until I became a shitposter in teenagers around february of this year. I had one really big let down wich left me almost depressed, i stayed on reddit and vented on it. Then noticed it wasnt helping and instead it depressed me and left around may.
I came back in June and had the worst summer i haave ever had. No one called me or messaged me except for a call I got 2 weeks before classes started, which I thought it was a wrong call. I even was ashamed to go outside.
So a few days before school came back in september i left again because reddit was depressing me.
The first day of school my friend told me that the call was to hang out with me. At that moment i realised that I had a serious mindset problem. Time passed and life was being better and i realised that everything wasnt as bad as i though. So I decided to delete the old account, gonca11.
Jump forward to a few weeks ago and I was starting to feel like this was finally going to be my year. But one day while in break at school (they let people from grades 9 to 12 leave during it) I was with my childhood friend (different from the one mentioned before), and he told me he didnt want to be with me anymore.
He told me he didnt like me insulting him, even if he knew it was just a joke. I just walked away after that. This really broke me and i knew it was my fault. Later that same day, the friend mentioned at the begining told me to hang out with him on saturday, this was the first time since the pandemic that i hanged out.
This gave me the strength to recover. But of course it got cancelled the next day.
Still I was sad and ashamed of myself. So I created this account. The problem reddit had was that it made me sad but i already was, so there was nothing to lose.
And here I am. I still have hope, I have managed to get into my friends discord server and minecraft server, so i think thats a step in the right direction.
Now I wont let reddit do to me what it did before
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2021.12.04 19:46 Steven4373 2970 5091 5139 add me and I’ll invite you I’ll start it in 5-8 mins

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2021.12.04 19:46 ZoobBot 190491

This is the 190491st time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.12.04 19:46 Raullller I found those little guys, what are they?

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2021.12.04 19:46 GrandPriapus An Unexpectedly Rare Hobbit

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