Just the right kinda quiz for this sub! 😂😂😎

2021.12.04 19:07 Murky_Jello3831 Just the right kinda quiz for this sub! 😂😂😎

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2021.12.04 19:07 btknozden New painting San Francisco Coit tower is on my Etsy shop. Check it out. link on bio

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2021.12.04 19:07 Foxlovesbread Im afraid I might get kidnapped.

I'm a highschool girl and kidnappings have been happening often. Kids have been going missing at the middle school and my highschool, not to mention my best friend (also my neighbor) almost got kidnapped but panicked and ended up ducking inside of an arbys and calling her aunt instead of the police and now its to late.
We walk to school (30 min walk) or if were lucky, might get a ride from our other friends mom or dad.
I haven't had anything happen like my friend but I'm scared of what to do if it does happen, she was near an arbys but I'm scared if the person tries to do something when I'm not near any places, I have pepper spray but not only that.
Recently I've been getting a lot of troll text about sex and people asking for personal information. And the fact my friend almost got kidnapped a week ago and a 14 year old girl got kidnapped right after my friend avoided it I'm worried it might be more then just a troll text.
Mainly because I don't get them often.
Rides aren't always gonna be there and I don't know what to do. Me and my friend walk together and we usually don't get much problems but she had to go home because she was on her period while I was still at school and something almost happened.
So i'm worried if I have to walk alone what do I do and how can I avoid being kidnapped?
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2021.12.04 19:07 New_Boysenberry1882 Imagine having major gum recession at 17 years old😭😭

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2021.12.04 19:07 AmiiboFight Alright you guys saturday can only mean one thing,it's Sm4sh Stream tonight on Twitch! here's the schedule and as always if you guess the winners of each match correctly your name will be entered into a raffle for a FREE AMIIBO! good Luck and Enjoy!

Alright you guys saturday can only mean one thing,it's Sm4sh Stream tonight on Twitch! here's the schedule and as always if you guess the winners of each match correctly your name will be entered into a raffle for a FREE AMIIBO! good Luck and Enjoy! submitted by AmiiboFight to sm4sh [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 19:07 ZoteDerMaechtige Monika about to delete the Austrian parliament

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2021.12.04 19:07 Zodraxia Cats and Boxes 😍

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2021.12.04 19:07 amgodzilla 157 LSAT/3.9 GPA/notURM - Brain Fart

Hey all,
I was planning on retaking the LSAT because this last one at home ended up having so many distractions that I feel I could have scored much higher (~163). I logged in to sign up late last night for the January LSAT and I completely goofed by not remembering they do it in Eastern time so I missed my shot. I am hoping to get into a T30 school (looking at UNC, BC, George Washington, UW-Madison among others).
Since I completely screwed up on signing up, I would not be able to retake until February, which means results around March and being on the later end of applications. Assuming I score a 163 on a retake, would it be smarter to just apply now early in the cycle or lose the 3 months but potentially score higher? What is the line on improved score to make it worth waiting vs. applying now?
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2021.12.04 19:07 Onetouchables Vassel out (thigh)

Confirmed out for Saturday. Not much insight into how long he's outs, hopefully back next week.
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2021.12.04 19:07 MashtapEhad Nightbird 20mm cannon - Joke

Can someone explain to me how does it make sense that 20mm cannon barely makes any damage whatsoever to anyone or anything?
While any hand held weapon pretty much kills you within 2 sec.
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2021.12.04 19:07 Lavanduli Christmas ideas?

Hi everyone, i want to make a mini game with my party for christmas, but im no have any good ideas. I need help for make an adventure short and funny, maybe fights with skeletons deer and mimic like presents and travel all player at one haunted factory of santa.
(sorry for my english)
Any one can help me with this?
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2021.12.04 19:07 mynameisjacob85 Spanish style potatoes soup with mushrooms.

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2021.12.04 19:07 SilverSurferr69 Fortnite CHapter 2 Finale Live Event

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2021.12.04 19:07 pr0jesse Found this beauty

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2021.12.04 19:07 swigpur3p293oseful Talan - combines the advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum | Next-generation hybrid blockchain with great potential | A new player in the cryptocurrency market - Talan Coin | Autonomous Staking| Simple running of a full node

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2021.12.04 19:07 WhataboutJackie3rra Here's a video I made from last night's episode

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2021.12.04 19:07 Independent-Date-930 Jewelry licks

Has anyone been seeing all the smash and grabs in LA? Ppl have been hitting all types of jewelry stores even the swap meet. And I’m just wondering why I can’t be there at them times. I don’t have a large enough group and honestly been waiting for another riot/looting spree.
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2021.12.04 19:07 RDF2050 What Practice Mode Can Do For You! (A Shinobu and Nezuko Combo Compilation)

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2021.12.04 19:07 DaKing3001624 BD 2-4

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2021.12.04 19:07 Dangerous_Activity This is my first post. I redid one of my OCs (the index card). BIO in the the comments

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2021.12.04 19:07 SoldierAmeriCAN-MAGA HOW-TO (part 2) Engineer, in the WARFARE game mode

HOW-TO Engineer (pt2) WARFARE mode, on the HÜRTGEN FOREST map
Hello HLL players, I’m SoldierAmerican (Xbox Series X) I am a Retired US Army soldier, and I play HLL a lot! I’m currently at level 175 (Major) and I have every Role Unlocked, and I play Engineer because most players don’t ‘UNDERSTAND’ what HLL allows you to do. I have over 200 games played, and I will explain HOW I pick a DEFENDABLE Objective, and WHY, depending on the game mode, and map. This will be a several part explainer on the HOW-TO’s for several Roles in HLL!
For this next explainer we will be playing WARFARE game mode, on the HÜRTGEN FOREST map. Since this map is one of the most played for me, I’ll be talking about two different objectives, from either side, and WHY? The two objectives are “KRALL TRAIL, and JACOBS BARN. Ok let’s get started with WHY, the WARFARE game mode is more challenging than OFFENSIVE?
In my last explainer, I was showing you WHAT I was looking at with one particular objective, BUT on the OFFENSIVE game mode the Enemy doesn’t know WHERE you are Building Fortifications at when the game starts!! Will on WARFARE, the TIME, and CHOICE Options have changed due to the Enemy KNOWS your objectives, and the Enemy can ‘just-show’ up ANYTIME during the game! Most maps have some better objectives to fortify, but I would imagine we play the same maps more than others, so I wanted to make sure ALL HLL Players could just read and understand WHY I do Engineer this way on my most played map?
IF YOU haven’t read Part 1, of Engineer in the Defense, please go read that before this particular HOW-TO, just to understand where I’m coming from?
Let’s go! KRALL TRAIL, from the US side, DEFENDING as ENGINEER presents some very challenging problems. First, KRALL TRAIL is at the mid-point from NORTH to SOUTH from NORTH PASS (possible middle/neutral objective) going towards THE RUNE. (North Pass is the point furthest North, a small town with one of the three ways for Vehicles to cross without drowning. Following the Main Road South from North Pass, you will come upon a BunkeTrench System, Radar Tower that has “HIGH GROUND SUPERIORITY” over KRALL TRAIL. Once through KRALL TRAIL, the road takes you South past The Rune.
My first concern with Krall Trail is that their is High Ground to the North, that has a Trench System for the Enemy Infantry to launch attacks from. Plus most of my experiences on this map, Siegfried Line is the starting Neutral Point, so the Enemy Infantry can just ‘river-cross’ and come straight up the slope to Krall Trail. If the Neutral Point is North Pass, I’ll be looking north FIRST, towards that Radar ToweBunkeTrench System. And if the Neutral Point is Siegfried, then I’ll be looking East of Krall Trail to the slope down to the river.
**All that I’ll be explaining can be completed with one Engineer, and one Support soldier, WITH one Manpower Node, ok.
**(DONT build ANY Node in the Trench System, as you will be SLOWING down your Friendly Infantry from moving about the Trench System) And IF you can grab the FREE Supply Truck (FREE meaning the game starts with a Free Supply Truck in the middle spawn, on either side on the game, GRAB the Supply Truck, or obtain the Supply Truck after it has been Abandoned, ok) The Supply Truck has 300 Supplies, and can be ‘restocked’ INFINITE times, WITHOUT effecting the Finances of the game (Munitions/ManpoweFuel)!!! HUGE DEAL for Engineers!!! A Supply Truck is also 130 Fuel cost, and if you have to build Nodes to ‘ swindle ‘ a Supply Truck, just DONT build all three nodes clumped together. My recommendation is build Manpower on the objective that you are Fortifying for your Support soldier, (who is helping you build) then build the other nodes just off site, at least 50 meters apart from each Node) Enemy Infantry with a Satchel Charge can DESTROY your Nodes if they are too close together, ok?
Let’s start on the NORTH side as if the Neutral Point is NORTH PASS, ok? As we learned last week, Engineer has Four Wire Fence, and Wire Fence can “push” the Enemy Infantry in a certain direction, depending on HOW the Wire Fence is placed. Firstly, the game is particular about where you can place your Wire Fence, the ground has to be ‘flat-ish’ or the Engineer Blueprint will NOT be allowed. Knowing this I need to place my Wire Fence to STOP the Enemy Infantry from just “pouring-down” from the Radar Tower towards Krall Trail. We know placing Wire Fence across the road will NOT STOP Friendly or Enemy Vehicles, so we will start a Wire Fence as close to the Trench System as gaming possible. (Radar Tower is ‘favorited’ spot for Garrison placement too) Standing with my WRENCH, looking Towards the Radar Tower (NNE) place your Wire Fence, so as to Stop the Enemy from walking out of the Trench System, straight down the road. Then put the next Wire Fence segments, where they are ‘almost touching’ to the LEFT from your first Wire Fence segment. The four Wire Fences will be almost connected going towards the West, as to ‘push’ the Enemy Infantry around to the Westside of the road that runs from the NORTH through Krall Trail to the SOUTH. (Remember, you are just ONE Engineer, you can only do so much, so do ALL YOU CAN!)
Ok your Wire Fence is down, now for Barricades! (Normally, the Garrison is placed on the Southside of the broken building, which is on the Eastside of the North-South Main Road, just before the Trench System that runs to the East. Since Krall Trail is so OPEN, I want to ‘screen’ the Garrison, ok? What is ‘SCREEN’? When you Spawn into the Game, you are ‘Standing-Up’, and if you don’t have Walls around you, then your going to be shot INSTANTLY! So, if you can ‘INFLUENCE’ the builder of the Garrison, have the “OnSite” Garrison placed at this particular place? (I mentioned Back-Up Garrisons in the last explainer, but you NEED, NEED back-up Garrisons, and Flanking Garrisons to WIN in HLL) (And if the Garrison is Destroyed, I’ll be going over HOW-TO replace quickly, and other Pro Tips in a different explainer)
Ok Engineer, we have to place your four Barricades in a sort-of-a-circle, around the Garrison so OUR TEAM can Spawn and Keep/Defend this Objective at Krall Trail. Game permitting you MUST USE the Existing Buildings, and Ground to help Fortify the Garrison Point. “IF” the Garrison is in another place, on-site then do your BEST, with what you have, where you are!
Ok, we have our Barricades up ‘screening’ our Garrison, and now we have to place your BUNKER? The Bunker for the US is NOT what it seems, compared to the German Bunker. Bunker placement should add to the existing fortifications, that you built, and what is ALREADY there! The game is VERY Particular where it will allow you to place your Bunker. Not knowing how much time you have to place your Bunker is a problem! The availability of 350 supplies is your next problem! The Support soldier with you can NOT help with this ALONE! You NEED The Supply Truck, or some Super Teammates, playing Support to drop their Suppy box so you can initially build the blueprint of the Bunker. “IF” TIME and SUPPLIES permit I would place the Bunker on the Northside of Krall Trail, on either side of the the North-South Main Road (DONT BLOCK THE ROAD) approximately 40-45 meters behind the Wire Fence that you also constructed. (I place/build my fortifications as through I’ll be Hot-Swapping with the Support soldier who is helping me) Placing the Bunker this far back puts me ‘just’ outside Grenade Range!! Lastly, build the Repair Station, ALWAYS off the road, but for this scenario of Krall Trail on the South-West side of the North-South Main Road. It’s close, but not in the way, ok? By this point if you have Munitions & Fuel Nodes left then build them now. (IMO, I do NOT build all three Nodes at the beginning because, the DEFENSES are PRIORITY , and Resources are literally driving the SPEED at which I can Build Fortifications on ANY Objective!)
Ok Engineer, you have built everything that you can build for this game,(BUT HEDGEHOGS, saving these to SPECIAL LAST BULD *PRO TIPS) NOW you place your AT/AP mines. Anti-Tank mines placed on the road, in the direction you THINK the Enemy Vehicles will be coming from? I like to place my AT mines 100 meters out from my fortifications, this way I can Defend my mines, and my fortifications from being DESTROYED by any Enemy Engineers!!
****(YES, as a Engineer YOU can ‘DISMANTLE’ ANY, and ALL Buildable Objects in the Game!!! If given enough time! With your WRENCH in hand, you can “DISMANTLE” ANY & ALL” Engineered objects in the Game! HUGE DEAL!!!!)
After my AT mines are placed, you can place Four, I place my AP mines, Anti-Personnel mines (Toe-Poppers) which I can place Six. You will have to use the Support level 3 Explosive Ammo box (US & GER, but the German Rifleman level 6 also has a Explosive Ammo box) to restock your mines, helpful if you have the Munitions Node placed BEFORE you start this phase of the Engineering, (as the Munitions Node works like the Manpower Node but on Ammo Boxes) I like to put my AP mines at holes/gaps in the Wire Fence, or on Main Avenues of Approach of Enemy Infantry.
Ok now there is nothing else you can do as Engineer, it’s time to “HOT-SWAP” with your Support soldier who has been with you from the beginning helping you Hammer out your building fortifications!
Before we get into “Hot-Swapping” we have several other scenario’s to talk about!
Krall Trail is the Defend Point, BUT Siegfried Line is NOW the Neutral Point on this particular game! Firstly, the Enemy Infantry will be crossing ‘Down-Hill’ from you in this scenario, thus YOUR TEAM Holds the “ High Ground”! HUGE DEAL!!!! Open your map, look at the Westside of Siegfried Line, where the North-South River runs? There is a “island” in the river just North, North West from Siegfried Line, this is the ‘closest’ place for the Enemy Infantry to cross the River, without Drowning. You will be placing your first Wire Fence on the mid-point from the River Crossing, between Krall Trail and the River Crossing. (Squad Leader will have to have placed a OP on the Westside, of the North-South Main Road, because you will be getting shot at, and die a lot!! If you can have a MEDIC level 3 also, revives, and more Smoke) The Enemy Armor can and will be present, attempting to STOP you from building your fortifications. Artillery Smoke on the Siegfried Line to Screen your building is also a consideration! (There are so many tactics you can use, but they all start with Communication & Teamwork!!!! Wire Fence is going to be closer to Krall Trail, due to how OPEN this downward slope is to the Enemy! The Enemy Team will see you the entire time you are building! Having a Assault soldier level 6, or your Squad Leader WITH their SMOKE Grenades is a MUST!! (Support soldier level 3 with the Explosive Ammo Box is where you can restock the Smoke Grenades) (One Smoke Grenade at a time, Engineer prone, Wrench, place blueprint, Support soldier, place his Supplies down so as to build the Wire Fences within the 50 meter radius of the Supply Box) Hammer Blueprints, then fall back! Once the Wire Fence is built, the Barricades are next to build the SAME around the Garrison.
The Bunker placement is different, because the Eastside of Krall Trail has a BunkeTrench System. Add on to the existing fortifications is better! The Bunker can be placed South of the Concrete Bunker complex and Trench System, facing towards the South,South East. There is plenty of room, but DONT place Your Bunker on the Slope! The US bunker is Open on the Top, and you have NO COVER from Enemy Small Arms Fire! Place your Bunker on FLAT Ground, so you can see Enemy Infantry approaching from SSE direction. Since the US Bunker is open, you can place more soldiers, facing several directions at the same time! (HOW-TO use Buildable Fortifications is another explainer) The Nodes are built with regards to the aforementioned parameters.
NEXT is JACOBS BARN, German Team, Defending, as an Engineer!!
Jacobs Barn is the BETTER out of the two points to Defend. Jacobs Barn has Better existing fortifications, Wire Fences, Bunker Complex, and Trench System! The existing building are also in a very good place for also building fortifications adjacent too to further the fortifications for Defense. As ALWAYS, ADD on to what is already present on the ground! Jacobs Barn is on relatively flat ground, with a slight grade sloping away to the West, following the West-East Main Road. Since the first scenario that we will have is that the Neutral Point is North Pass, (NOTE: if Siegfried Line is Neutral Point, it’s the same with the Exception of the Enemy Infantry Focus is Now WEST) we will move to the North, North West of Jacobs Barn and see what we have to Add on to? We are doing this side the same way, one Engineer, one Support soldier, and one Manpower Node. Place the Manpower Node on the Eastside of the Jacobs Barn compound, but DONT block the road, or Trench System, foot path of Friendly Soldiers. Garrison placement again is KEY to Winning, and placing the Garrison where you can build Barricades around screening Your Garrison, while NOT blocking thr road, but making it relatively easy for Friendly Soldiers to enter the Trench/Bunker System and FIGHT is PARAMOUNT!! IMO, you would place your Primary On-Site Garrison on the Southside of the West-East Main Road, just West of the broken building next to the Radio Tower, but East of the Brick Wall. It’s in a Defendable, Buildable place, that can be built up with Barricades screening Your Garrison. (But you MUST have Back-Up Garrisons for this particular methodology to work. Ideally your Back-Up Garrisons should ‘surround’ your objective point, to allow for multiple paths to the objective that you are Attacking, and Defending in this explainer)
The NNW side of Jacobs Barn is already fortified, so we will take our four Wire Fences and finish/complete the Already Wire Fences that is here. Jacobs Barn has a few places to block off, after these are done you should have one maybe two Wire Fences still, place one Wire Fence across the West-East Main Road, West Entrance. This will STOP entry by Enemy Infantry, and if you have a second Wire Fence, place this Wire Fence on the North-Eastside of the West-East Main Road, adjacent to the Wire/Trench/Bunker System. This Wire Fence will run North of the road, so as Stop the Enemy Infantry walking down the existing Wire Fence into Jacobs Barn from the (flank) East. Secondly, Barricade’s are needed to screen the Garrison, if the Garrison is NOT in this aforementioned place, Do the BEST you can, with where it’s placed!
Bunker placement is complicated on Jacobs Barn! The Enemy Infantry will eventually be coming from three of the four side , so you must consider WHICH SIDE is Weaker? I prefer to place the Bunker on the Southside of the West-East Main Road, where the Brick Wall ends. Here it’s close enough that it can be occupied quickly from the Garrison, and it ADDs to the existing buildings and fortifications. If done proportionate to the South-West side of the Jacobs Barn compound you could use the Bunker placement as a screen to your Garrison, thus allowing you to build a ‘Left-Wing’ Barricade wall on to the Bunker you have built? (In another explainer I’ll go over Bunker Placement with your four Barricade’s in a empty field to DENY Enemy Infantry an Avenue of Approach)
Ok, Repair Station should be placed on the Eastside of Jacobs Barn, just off the road, NOT BLOCKING Friendly Soldiers from traveling around the station. (NEVER BULLD ANYTHING BLOCKING your Soldiers/Vehicles from Entering/Exiting a Road or Trench, and this includes Supply Crates dropped from the Supply Truck)
Next is AT/AP Mines to be placed, SAME as before considerations apply.
Ok now you have built ALL but your HEDGEHOGs and BELGIUM GATES, right?
****NEVER Block off Roads/Paths that YOUR TEAM NEED TO USE, to Resupply Friendly Troops with!!!!
NEVER You a Hedgehog to block a Infantry Path, it DOES NOT WORK! Each Fortifications has a purpose, DONT be that GUY that is Building just to Build!!! This GUY is NOT Helping the TEAM if he blocks off the Road from Friendly Armor or Supply Trucks!! Be a TEAM PLAYER! LOOK around, see if another Engineer is already BUILDING, ASK what the PLAN is, and HELP the TEAM WIN by Working Together as TEAM!! That’s the Beauty of HLL, there is so much going on, there is ALWAYS someone to HELP, and Something to DO!
****PRO TIP****
HÜRTGEN FOREST is a very different map than the others, in regards to Vehicle Access to parts of the map. There are ONLY Three ways that Any Vehicle can cross the North-South River, without drowning the vehicle! These places can be MINED and BLOCKED under certain circumstances to STOP Enemy Vehicles from crossing. First is North Pass Bridge, you can NOT place any Buildable device on the Bridge, but you can place Hedgehogs & Belgium Gates at either side of the bridge! (Blocking a road ONLY works if you DONT have to use the road either) Barricades also work across the road at the foot of the Bridge, BUT the Barricade can possibly be driven over, if not UPGRADED to level 3. The other two River Crossings are in the South, both are approximately 270 meters apart, but theses down here have the Concrete Triangles (Dragons Teeth) on either side of them, making these especially Better than just blocking a road. You can Block these paths with one or two, depending on Supplies, TIME, and Enemy Activity.
(WHEN Defending, on OFFENSIVE game mode, this is the first thing I do, BLOCK off All Three ASAP to Keep the Enemy Vehicles on their side of the map. You normally can block off one or two paths at the beginning of the OFFENSIVE game, Objective Location picks which ones I can Block first, (but I can MINE ALL at the beginning) then come back and Block off the last one if your Team is Pushed back to this certain point! (Remember: Your Mines will DISAPPEAR if placed in a Blue Area that Turns RED, but if you place Mines in a RED Area, at certain times, they will STAY in OFFENSIVE game mode!
Anti-Tank Soldier level 3 has 4 AT Mines, and a Satchel Charge on Spawn. This is the BEST Role to Mine Roads, that have the potential for Enemy Vehicles! (NOTE: When placing your AT mines, DONT place them closer then 25 feet!! The explosion from one mine can set-off another mine! Keep your mines spread out on the road also. I prefer to “Stagger” my mines on both sides of the roads, example is one left side, walk 25 feet, one right side, and so on. MINES in HLL MUST BE driven over for them to Detonate! So Mine Placement is Key to Stopping/Denying the Enemy Vehicles from certain Areas/Roads by Placing Mines in Certain Areas! One Mine will Destroy Recon Armor, and Troop Transport/Supply Truck. But you will REQUIRE Several Mines to Destroy Medium & Heavy Armor!
Ok,”HOT-SWAPPING’, You just built all your Engineering blueprints, NOW WHAT DO I DO? You must Redeploy, so must the Support soldier that has been with you the entire time, and you two SWAP ROLES!! Now it’s time to ADD on to EVERYTHING that you just Built!! Adding on to the Wire Fences, Building another Bunker, with Flanking Barricades to Fight from, Fortifying even further will ONLY Increase your chances of DEFENDING an Enemy Attack!!
I hope you enjoyed reading this part 2 of HOW-TO Engineer, in the WARFARE game mode? More explainers are coming, one per week. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you out there! ✝️🇺🇸✝️
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2021.12.04 19:07 ShortAlgo $UROY Waiting for Buy signal on UROY with https://t.co/sxj8WuVZJB https://t.co/eMWDkmPODl

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2021.12.04 19:07 SpaceLover1969 🚀 PUSSYROCKET ($PUSSY) | The Fastest Way To Wealth 💰 | BNB Dividends | Real Gem | Low Market Cap 🔥 | Fair Launched Today | Amazing & Experienced Dev Team 💥| Hodl Contest Happening Now! 🚀

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2021.12.04 19:07 inklisededic Create Custom Token with Yearnlab backed by $YLB

How about, I tell you that you can now create your very own cryptocurrency and trade it. Imagine having your own cryptocurrency that people buy and sell. Also, please imagine the lucrative opportunities that come with it. Moreover, the value it adds to your business is beyond monetary value.
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All things considered, creating your own token has been made more excited by Yearnlab. Solely because of the perks that it will provide to its users to create their own token. These include, marketing support by $YLB, enjoy larger audience and lower cost.
As lucrative as this idea might seem to you, at this point you are probably wondering about expenses, Or maybe you are wondering, I don’t know enough about it, or I like this business idea but I’m not a technical person. You might also be reluctant about the lengthy process you will have to follow, or lastly but obviously not the least, you are probably wondering, this might be expensive.
Most of the time, it is appropriate to assume that something will cost you one of the two, your time or your money. All business people abide by this. However, there are exceptions. And, this article is about one of these exceptional platforms that will provide you both, quality and quantity. It will enable you to create your very own token with less to no technical background, plus, its also very pocket friendly. Moreover, your token will be backed by $YLB itself.
By now, you have most probably made up your mind about creating your own token and you are very curious about how to create one. So let’s get to the point.
Let’s say Charlie wants to create his own token. He’s very excited to create it and launch it. He has even decided the name of his token $CHR, quite cliché. Everything is streamline so far. But there is one problem, Yearnlab requires at least 15000 $YLB tokens which is equal to 1 BNB, for Charlie to create his own token. These funds can be unlocked at any time later on. But poor Charlie do not have the required funds to provide at the moment. Charlie really wants to create his token. So he asks family and friends to lend him some funds. Sadly, they refused. He has another idea; he will open an ICO or conduct a pre-sale of his token. Charlie is good at marketing, he has people who believe in the success of his brand, so they participate in his pre-sale. Luckily, he has arranged the required funds. Now he can simple buy BNB token from pancake swap.
So far, Charlie is all set to convert his BNB into $YLB tokens to meet the requirement and create his own token. Now it’s time for him to follow a few easy steps to create his token in less than 5 minutes
Now that Charlie has created his own token, there is more to it. He can create his own staking pool. However, he cannot create his staking pool directly. For that, he has to use his authority to participate in governance and create a poll. Other stakeholders will participate in this poll and the final result will be delivered to the administration for approval. Upon their approval, he can create his staking pool.
Charlie is smart enough to make the right financial decision. He created his own token and staking pool with Yearnlab, to enjoy lucrative benefits. He also knows that, though $YLB is constructed on Binance smart chain it will soon become compatible with Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, AVAX, and Polygon. Are you smart enough to take the right step for your financial betterment?
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Yearnlab.com Yearnlab is a second-generation yield farming protocol. Create your own token and staking pool with Yearnlab.
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2021.12.04 19:07 BillCosbySTD I was told that these games are reproduction are they real or fakes?

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