Has anyone tried applying to transfer a second time? How did it go?

2021.12.04 19:12 SleepyArtistZ Has anyone tried applying to transfer a second time? How did it go?

Hi, I transferred last semester to a school (top 25) due to personal reasons.
I am looking to transfer to a school that is closer to home (it is a T10 with 10%+ transfer acceptance rate) or a school that could give me better aid because my dad, who is in his 70s, is currently of rapidly declining health (who possibly has cancer), and I was his primary caregiver before I left for college (drove him to medical appointments, helped take care of his health, cooked/cleaned/laundry/did other household chores, groceries, etc.). The responsibility and burden is currently on my mom who is struggling with work (she works all day, every day) and it is incredibly important to me to either go back home and/or ease the burden if possible. I am actually working several part time jobs to help out my mother right now, since it is the only thing I can do, but it's just not enough.
There are also many other reasons why I would like to transfer, namely my intended major being not offered at my current institution (there's literally maybe one or two classes here total related to my intended major out of thousands), there also aren't many opportunities to explore what specifically I want to do (other schools do a much better job), as well as looking to go to a smaller school (my current school is extremely huge and overwhelming almost), and because of financial aid (at my current institution, they do not have as much of generous financial aid than other schools, and my annual household income is less than 30k, we are paying more than half of that amount to send me here...), and etc.
Currently, I am doing well at my current institution, which would be considered a lateral technically as a transfer. I am on track to get a 4.0 or 3.93 ish this semester. My ECs are also much stronger this time around (think research, fellowships w/ funding, managing 100k+ following on social media, etc.), and very relevant to the intended major I would transfer into (last time I had all business/other related ECs but I applied as a intended pre-med & a related major and got rejected at nearly everywhere essentially). I also have 2 very strong letters of recommendations from professors I got close to and one I have personally done research with.
Would transferring for the second time be seen as a detriment?
I am currently a sophomore--so I would apply as a junior transfer.
How can I justify my situation and how would I go about transferring again? What would I need to do? Thank you.
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2021.12.04 19:12 lakonur Today I bought a Xbox SS to play FH5 and spent the evening taking photos of this Porsche

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2021.12.04 19:12 International_Sun981 Christmas Music

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2021.12.04 19:12 azbeur ReLogic not so logic.

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2021.12.04 19:12 mikedirnt19 Is it actually the city that never sleeps?

I've always wondered if it really is the norm for nyc to be really busy and for businesses to be open at all hours of the night. If not, how did it get that nickname?
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2021.12.04 19:12 RickHedgemints Masseuses of Reddit, when do you draw the line and simply refuse to touch a client?

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2021.12.04 19:12 vslover91 Love these new wedge sneakers!

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2021.12.04 19:12 UnwrittenPath I'm a sad, kinda funny self depreciating drunk asshole

What's up?
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2021.12.04 19:12 Lord_Viperagyil Looking for an old comic about the fallen humans, that was posted here years ago.

What I remember is that each humans story were going top to bottom, they got either 2 or 3 panels (I don't remember), all the panels were set in Asgores throne room, their ages were varied. I also remember that the orange soul, was fighting because he though he needed too, the blue ballerine was a murderer, and that the purple one was an old man, who were friends with Asgore, but decided to have one try getting out before dying of old age. I hope someone remembers it, and have the link.
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2021.12.04 19:12 eyvoom A serious work discussion today that has followed me home

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2021.12.04 19:12 Substantial-Drag8055 help

does anyone know a bl manhwa/manga that have lesbian side couple
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2021.12.04 19:12 PrimoPumpkin2 I should delete this Fortnite video...

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2021.12.04 19:12 Expln New to crypto, need help with some newbie questions

I'm looking to invest some money into bitcoin but I'm fairly clueless when it comes to crypto which is why I've yet to do it.
what are some of the best online exchange websites to purchase crypto from?
and what is the safest way to store and hold on crypto?
I don't live in the USA so I can't use coinbase because it doesn't give support to my country.
I was thinking of using binance but I've seen they got hacked not long ago and lots of crypto was stolen from accounts. so I don't know about that.
I'd appreciate some help on the matter because unless I absolutely know what I'm doing, I'm not gonna put money into it. last thing I want is to invest several thousands of dollars into crypto only for it to be stolen shortly after..
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2021.12.04 19:12 WolfboyRentaro When you compliment your girl too much.

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2021.12.04 19:12 madraykin86 BTS Gives Heartfelt Speech After Receiving Variety Record of the Year 04122021

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2021.12.04 19:12 canes24 2021 4* LB Wesley Bissainthe has committed to The U!

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2021.12.04 19:12 JahnnDraegos Manage Expectations Regarding KOTOR1 remake PLEASE

Folks, it's time. It's time for me to unjustifiably act like I'm in a position of authority that justifies laying down a very heavy-handed request to this subreddit. It's time for me to be the bad guy.
It's time I reminded everything to manage your expectations about the in-development Knights of the Old Republic remake.
Only today on this reddit, I've seen people in various post comments declaring what new subplots "will" be added, what old stupid stuff "obviously" must be removed (?!), how the game will now be a huge GTA- or Assassin's Creed-style open world, and how it will combine the entirety of KOTOR1 and 2's story into one game this time. All presented as fact.
It's going past well-natured speculation, guys. We're deep into self-gaslighting territory here and it's really, really concerning me. It's like some people on this subreddit are having a break with reality.
Some people here are working really, really hard to convince themselves that this remake is going to be a lot, lot more than it's really going to be. People are trotting out their pet theories or personal dream features and insisting that the game will include them, they just know they will. And other people are innocently believing these delusions, and it all piles up and now people don't even seem to know what's reality and what's speculation in regards to this remake. It's a fascinating microcosm of the whole "fake news" phenomenon.
Everyone is psyching themselves up for a really big disappointment when the remaster comes out and only does what it promised to do: upgrade the graphics and gameplay systems of the original KOTOR1 so as to be accessible to a modern audience. And of course, when this turn of events comes about, everyone who's been gaslighting themselves about their pet dream features will suddenly turn unreasonably toxic and hostile towards the developers and anyone else who dares point out that the game's exactly what we were told it was going to be.
There's a very deep divide between "wouldn't it be cool if it had this in it?" and "I've decided it will have this in it because I really want it to, and therefore the devs absolutely will include it," and people here have started happily crossing that divide. It's misinformation, and it's disingenuous. I implore you all to manage your expectations and keep one foot in reality as you speculate and discuss features you might like to see added to this remake. Please remember that your simple speculations are in no way a binding freaking contract with the people making this game.
By all means, speculate and discuss your dream features. I know I am. But try and resist what is apparently the overpowering urge to misrepresent your speculations as fact in the hope that somehow this will make your speculations come true. When this remaster comes out, I dare dream of a subreddit community that will actually be discussing it based on what it is versus what it actually promised to deliver, instead of it being a toxic landfill in full Mass Effect 3 ragemode over the exclusion of a bunch of delusional features or changes that were never even a consideration to start with.
Can we please not go down this road? We're better than this.
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2021.12.04 19:12 No_Turnover8002 [Trigger warning] I have the worst nails you will ever see. I am at about 3.5 weeks not biting

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2021.12.04 19:12 Gustavospessatto Nice ninjago brickheadz gwp each R$ 800.

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2021.12.04 19:12 Mysterio1702 Building the Lego Titanic from the keel up ( Part 6 ) Launch!

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2021.12.04 19:12 anxiety-war [16M][chat]Let's just vibe to make this Saturday less boring

I'm interested in many things such as sports, music, fashion and genuinely think I'm an interesting and laid back guy. We can have just a chat and if we click we can see from there 🤷🏽‍♂️ Let's skip the basic small talk and act like me know a each other. That could be fun
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2021.12.04 19:12 Necessary_Author_308 ❄️ Christmas Floki $CFLOKI | 10% DOGE Rewards for holders 💰| Diamond Handed Community | JUST LAUNCHED! | Christmas Floki is the next big meme wave | Already 40X 🎄

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2021.12.04 19:12 Snoo-75491 dumb c***!!

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2021.12.04 19:12 Unfair-Paramedic2445 pls ubi

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2021.12.04 19:12 Intelligent_Grass886 Panem: A New Day: 102nd Hunger Games: Bloodbath

Hello Guys! It’s me! Darwin Perth!.I hope you enjoy it! Also I honestly hope you enjoyed the series so far. I really hope you enjoyed pre games so far. I cannot wait to see the feedback of the bloodbath. I know this one is kind of shorter than last game’s bloodbath, but I still hope you enjoy it!. Please excuse my grammar. Sending all the love from Sydney <3
102 (125’): Spooky Forest
This year’s arena took place in an arena which was nicknamed “Spooky Forest” The arena shocked many for its dark and eerie nature, having it appear as if it was nighttime even though it was mid-day. Gamemaker Avenia Selphron explained over communications with Eugenia and Rubius in the commentator's box, that there would be no sun for this year’s games, adding to the aesthetic and special surprises she had planned. The arena contained a forest with a multitude of streams, hills, and many different steep drops and soft terrain. The arena had seemed to be about 20 kilometers, having a more natural shape to the perimeter. Surrounding the cornucopia were the 34 podiums that were fully circling it. These podiums were sectioned off as the borders of the different sectors met here. Within the cornucopia, it was noted that there was a lack of weapon selection, there being many axes and hatchets with only a couple of knives, a bow, and a spear. Closer to the podiums.
As soon as tributes rose into the clearing, many in Snow Square were watching in anticipation as Eugenia and Rubius debated who would run into the bloodbath, or who would run away. When the timer counted down from 60 seconds. Many tributes had a hard time seeing far beyond the clearing but aimed themselves in the directions they were about to head in.
When the gong sounded, Many tributes ran inwards, running to grab either the food that lay on the ground or some of the weapons that lay in the back wall of the cornucopia. When the gong sounded for Nanuq (0), he had been one of the ones who focused on gathering bread that lay on the ground near the mouth of the cornucopia. He had been focused on trying to gather enough for him and his district partner, figuring he would have to join her and her allies. When he regained focus, he had seen the body of Staten (6), who had been decapitated by Celestia (2). Nanuq quickly got to his feet and looked around, seeing some of the tributes around him fighting. West of the clearing, Nanuq spotted Miska, grabbing a hatchet from the cornucopia. Nanuq got ready to run up[ to his district partner but was suddenly tackled down to the ground, his face pushed into the dirt. Covette (4) had spotted Nanuq when he was not paying attention and tackled him to the ground. Nanuq desperately tried to turn around and roll Covetee off of him, desperately thrashing around. Unfortionetly, Nanuq was unsuccessful and watched as Miska faced him with her allies just as Covette swung a hatchet into his head, causing his body to go limp.
Miska (0), quickly ran alongside Arnold (10) and Needle (8) who had been on the podiums that surrounded her. Miska reached one of the hatchets on the back of the cornucopia wall towards the west side of the clearing. She spotted the body of Staten (6) on the ground before noticing that her allies in the distance were struggling, as Compassete (5) charged at them with an axe. Miska quickly ran over to her allies, she readied her hatchet as she neared Compasette. Compasette had caught up with Quibi (3) who had tripped when she tried running away from the older female. Compasette smirked and raised her axe as Quibi screamed and cried for mercy. Just as Compasette was about to swing her axe down, Misdka had run in from behind, catching Comapsette off guard as she swung her hatchet into the side of her neck. As Compasette fell to the ground convulsing, Miska helped Quibi up, looking back to see Nanuq (0), getting pinned and hacked by Covette (4). Miska quickly panicked and tried to run to aid her now deceased district partner, but Quibi and Maxis grabbed her, telling her they had to run. Miska was disorientated as she tried running back, but soon was dragged by the pair, running into the forest that surrounded them. Only looking back to see Madeleine (15) running up to Covette with an axe as well as Sparticus (2) snapping Erin (3)’s neck.
Birchette and Julian (Both 7, were the rare pair that were placed next to each other when they rose up into the arena. Spotting their allies, Julian and Birchette aimed themselves at a pair of axes that lay on the far east of the cornucopia wall, noting that no one else was aiming to. When the gong sounded, the pair sprinted as fast as they could, being one of the first few tributes to the cornucopia clearing. When Julian grabbed his axe, he immediately turned around to see Staten (6)’s body as Celestia ran towards Bronx (6) who had been fending off Crimson (1). Julian regained his composure after seeing Covette (4) kill Nanuq (0). Julian looked to see that Needle (8) had been gathering water by some of the weapons. Julian readied his axe and sprinted towards her, catching her off guard when she noticed footsteps running closer. Needle looked up just as Julian swung his axe, hitting Needle in the chest. Needle fell to the ground convulsing just as Julian pulled out his axe, readying it again. Julian swung his axe down again, this time hitting Needle square in the chest, killing her instantly. Julian quickly stood up, hearing the screams of Bronx, who had been brutally hacked to death by Crimson (1).
Birchette on the other hand had been gathering some supplies while her allies killed some of the other tributes. Surprisingly, Birchette had been ignoring many of the deaths happening around her, even the death of her ally Covette (4), as well as Madeleine (15) who was killed by Sheldon (4). She had maintained her grip on her weapons, choosing to gather more supplies rather than fight. This was preserved as a bold move by viewers, noting that a career had never left the bloodbath without a kill.
Madeleine was placed in between Quibi (3) and Flux (5) when she rose into the arena. When the gong sounded. Madeleine was one of the ones that had surprised viewers by running to the cornucopia, many assuming she would have run away. Madeleine met up with her partner, Yvet, agreeing to help each other. Madeleine defended Yvet, retrieving an axe as he gathered some food and water for the pair. However, Madeleine had noticed that Covette (4) had tackled Nanuq (0) to the ground, pushing his head and laughing as she readied to kill him. Madeleine was angered by this, seeing Covette kill Nanuq as sadistic. She quickly ran away from Yvet, which made him scream out for her as she ran at Covette, readying her axe. Madeleine had shocked viewers again as she caught Covette off guard as she tried retrieving her hatchet from the dead boy on the ground. Madeleine growled insults at Covette as she swung her axe, Fortinetly landing in the side of Covette’s neck. Madeleine ripped the axe away with such force, it severed Covette’s head from her body. Madeleine l; looked at the head, before hearing Yvet scream. Madeleine turned around, only to see a spear flying at her. Sheldon (4) had been nearby, witnessing Madeleine kill his district partner. Sheldon had readied his axe and threw it at Madeleine. Unfortunately for Madeleine, Sheldon’s spear hit her in the heart, causing her to fall to the ground and go limp, dying within mere seconds after hitting the ground.
Yvet, seeing the death of his district partner, Quickly looked around to retrieve a weapon, realizing he had no one to defend himself from. He spotted a bow with a quiver full of arrows and quickly ran to it. Once Yvet reached the bow and quiver, he grabbed it, accidentally touching a hand that had also reached out to grab it. Yvet looked up to see that Arnold (10) had grabbed the bow at the same time as him. Not wanting to let go of the bow, Yvet punished Arnold in the nose, breaking it and causing blood to squirt everywhere. Arnold fell to the ground, giving Yvet a chance to retrieve the bow and quiver. Seeing Arnold cry on the ground, Yvet readied an arrow and apologized to Arnold, saying something in French before firing an arrow straight into his head. Yvet quickly grabbed his supplies and ran out from the cornucopia, passing the careers as they scared off the remaining tributes from the clearing.
Julian and Birchette met back up with their allies, seeing Sheldon pissed, calling the girl that killed his ally a degradation of a female dog as well as saying many other things, annoying his allies. Spartacus gave a motion to the others, pointing to Sheldon, giving a slit throat signal. Birchette raised her hand and shook her head, shoving a bag into Sheldon’s face, telling him to get ready as they had to leave the clearing. The Careers quickly packed up some stuff to help aid them before leaving the clearing, in hopes to hunt the remaining tributes. An hour after the bloodbath ended, 9 cannons sounded.
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